Strange Dragon – 39

Chapter 39 – Flea Extermination

Kelly looked at the bathing house.
“Oh-ho! How magnificent!”
She praised.

“Thank you, Kelly. How was your work?”
“Aye, my work is done. Victor and the others should also return soon.”
“I’m glad to hear that. By the way…”
“I know. You want me to make Fio and Shiro take a bath, yes?”
“Exactly. Can you do it?”
“Of course, I don’t mind. Just wait one moment.”

And then Kelly ran off to her house.
She returned immediately while carrying a bag.

“All right, Fio and Shiro! Let’s take a bath!”
“Kelly. I’ll teach you how to use the facilities.”
“Thank you.”

And so I told Kelly, Fio, and Shiro how to take a bath.
Such as how to make the hot water come out and adjust the temperature.

“Hoho. How very useful.”

Kelly immediately understood how to use it.

“All right, you can take it from here. Just let me know if you need help.”

Fio and Shiro wagged their tails happily.

And so I left the rest to Kelly, and walked out of the building.
Then Hippolius and I returned to the house.

“Let’s do some cleaning.”
“Mmm. I bet there are probably fleas on the ground.”

I took out some pesticide incense out of my magic bag.
And then I took out about five plates, and put the incense on them before placing them in the corners and center of the room and lighting them.
Smoke began to rise, and a sharp smell filled the house.

“While it smells bad, this is the best way to deal with bugs…”
‘It stinks!’
“Exactly. It stinks. Hippolius, let’s go outside and wait.”

It would be too harsh for an animal with a sensitive sense of smell.
It was already bad for humans, but it wasn’t unbearable.
And while it wasn’t harmful for humans, it was still unpleasant.

“That’s a lot of smoke. What happened?”

A young Adventurer had seen the smoke leaking out from Hippolius’s house, and came running towards us.

“Pesticide. To take care of the fleas that Fio and Shiro brought with them.”
“Ah, I see. I’ve heard stories about these. They smell really bad.”
“Yes, those ones.”

Pesticide incense was well known among Adventurers as smelling bad.

“But the one that I have doesn’t stink as much. Would you like to use it?”

Said the young Adventurer.
However, a veteran then placed his hand on the young Adventurer’s shoulder.

“If you don’t think it smells, then the fleas won’t think so either.”
“Is that so?”
“Aye. That incense will barely do anything. However, the incense that Mr. Theo uses is very effective.”

While it smelled very bad, it was highly effective, which was why it remained popular among veterans.

“I haven’t smelled it in a while. It’s almost nostalgic.”
“Aye, once you’re as familiar with it as me, it’s almost relaxing.”
“Okay, now you’re exaggerating.”

The Adventurers were laughing now, but Hippolius was looking at them as if they were crazy.
For Hippolius, the stench was nearly unbelievable.

And so Hippolius said, ‘Kyouu…’ and then walked towards me with concern.
I then petted Hippolius under the chin.

“It’s alright. While it smells bad now, it won’t stay.”
“Yes. It will be fine after the smoke disappears and we ventilate the place.”

For humans, you wouldn’t even need to ventilate. That’s how mild the smell was.
So as long as you changed the air, then even a monster with a sharp sense of smell would be fine.
I had heard this from a dragon that I once tamed, so there was no doubt about it.

“Besides, we’ll also wipe everything clean afterwards.”

Even if there was a faint smell that remained, it should disappear after wiping everything clean.
And we could get rid of all the dead fleas.

As Hippolius and I watched the rising smoke with several other Adventurers,
“That gave me a shock. I thought there was a fire.”
Said Victor as he approached.

He was panting a little.
I suppose he came running after seeing the smoke.

“Sorry to surprise you, Victor. Did it get in the way of your work?”

I probably should have contacted him about it in advance.

“No, not at all. I had finished my work and was on my way back, so there’s no problem.”
“That’s good to hear. But I still surprised you. Next time, I’ll be sure to give you a warning.”
“Thank you. So this is for pests. I have some myself.”
“Yes, it’s really the most effective, isn’t it?”
“Indeed. And judging from the amount of smoke, you must have used quite a lot.”
“Well, Hippolius does have a large house.”

After we talked about that, Victor turned to look at the bathing house.

“Ah, it’s much more impressive than I was expecting.”
“It’s thanks to the magic tool you gave us, Victor.”
“I’m glad you found it useful.”
“Right now, Kelly is washing Fio and Shiro.”
“Splendid. I did not think that Fio and Shiro were in a good state in terms of cleanliness.”
“Once they are finished, I will teach the others how to use the facility.”

And then the other Adventurers cheered.
They really wanted to take a bath. Soaking in a tub really did feel good.

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