Royal Magician – 34

Chapter 34 – Potion Research Team 3

While I had been a little anxious about fitting in with this new environment, thankfully, the Potion Research Team was filled with kind people.

They even pretended to be surprised at the things I did, and thanked me.

But it was so nice to be noticed in such a way, and so I went about my work with even more enthusiasm.

The issue of the spreading plague in the north came to a close some time after that.
And I was told that the work of the Potion Research Team had become the subject of much discussion throughout the kingdom.

Even though I had only been able to help in small ways, I did feel that I had made a slight contribution to that.

Of course, it was all because of the incredible hard work of the people of the Potion Research Team.

“Thank you. We managed to make it through this time because of you, Ms. Springfield.”

I was filled with happiness at the team leader’s words.
I had never been told such things at my old job.

Everyone in the palace was so nice, that I felt more blessed than I rightly deserved.

“So, I do have something I want to ask you, Ms. Springfield.”
“Yes. What is it?”
“What would you say about transferring from the 3rd Unit to our team?”

The words were so unexpected that I was shocked.
Only a handful of people from the 5th Unit were allowed to join the Potion Research Team.
You had to not just be brilliant, but have a great aptitude for potion research.

If they were inviting me in, that means that I had made a worthy contribution.

I gripped my fist subtly so that no one would notice.

“What do you say? There is no rush, of course. You can take your time and think about it.”

I was grateful for the offer, which was almost too generous.
However, it did not take me long to have an answer.

Things had not been going well at the countryside magic artificer guild.
I was treated as useless and then fired.
And when I had nowhere to work and was at my wit’s end, a friend had stretched out his hand in order to help me.

It was all because of him that I was living happily right now.

And so in order to pay him back even just a little, I wanted to work by his side.

I’m sorry, I explained my feelings on the matter.

“That’s unfortunate. But please let us know if you ever change your mind. You will always be welcome here, Ms. Springfield.”

The kind words made my chest feel warm

I suppose the reason that I would hear such things, was because I had acquired skills after my continued hard work at the magic artificer guild.

Thinking of it like that, those days hadn’t been a complete waste. At least, I hope.

“Hey, hey, Luke! The Potion Research Team tried to recruit me!”

I boasted to my heart’s content.
Luke listened with a cup of tea in one hand.

And like that, the peaceful afternoon passed by.

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