Royal Magician – 27

Chapter 27 – Error(Magic Artificer Guild 5)

This was a disaster.

After the vice chief failed to stop the magic artificers from leaving, he dashed to the guild chief’s house.

“Open the door! Something terrible has happened!”
“What’s all this ruckus?”

The guild chief looked very annoyed as he appeared.
But then he heard the report.


The wine glass slipped from his fingers and shattered on the floor.

“Those blasted laborers would dare defy me…! Damn them all!”
“But what should we do… We cannot continue to operate if…”
“We will have to contact the other guilds and have them send personnel. Anyone that they can spare right now. As long as they can move their hands, it doesn’t matter if they are inexperienced.”

And so the vice chief contacts the other magic artificer guilds.

“Our self-centered workers quit their job, and so we require a little assistance.”

However, it did not help that they had been boasting about how well their business had been performing, which had vexed the neighboring guilds.

And so not a single guild answered their request for support.

“What should we do…the deadline is approaching…”
“Then we will buy completed products from the other guilds. Just change the signature and pretend that they are ours.”
“But, surely that will be a problem…”
“Then do it so that we will not get caught. Even if they refuse to sell to us later, it will not matter as long as we can work with Lord Oswalt and the marquis.”
“Indeed. As for the crystal balls, we can make those.”
“That useless woman was able to do it. So it should be easy enough for us.”

And so the two went to work.
However, things did not move as smoothly as they thought.

“How many minutes have passed?”
“Two hours.”
“Two hours…!? Two hours just for this?”
“I’m very sorry. But this crafting is harder than I thought…”

Said the vice chief as he bowed his head.

“And how many did you make, chief?”
“…Shut up and keep working.”

Even after the sun went down, and it was midnight, the job was not finished.

“Don’t you dare sleep. I’ll kill you if you sleep now. We have to finish this on time at all costs.”
“I understand. What will happen if we don’t make it on time…”

And so the two worked desperately.
However, even after they got used to the work, progress was slow.

(That’s strange. Why does it take so long just to make one of these? How the hell did she make so much in just one day…)

The guild chief must have been wondering about the same thing.

“Was that girl really crafting so many of these every day by herself?”

The vice chief nodded.

“I believe so. After all, she was the only one assigned to them.”
“She really did it alone? You didn’t have anyone help her?”
“Yes. Not only that, but I heard that she would even help others who were not making enough progress with their work.”

The guild chief was silent.
The vice chief recalled the words of the supervisor, and relayed them to him.

‘…She accepted any jobs that were behind schedule, and used support and healing magic in order to meet deadlines…’

“Support and healing magic… Yes, I did hear something about that.”
“Yes. Though, surely a lowly magic artificer in the countryside would not be able to use such high-ranking magic.”
“But it is even more unlikely for someone to be able to do that much work without that kind of magic. Besides, that girl claimed to have attended a renowned magic academy in the capital.”
“Yes. A lie that is not worth considering.”
“But, what if it was true…”
“Surely it cannot be…”

The vice chief said in a quivering voice.

It was unbelievable. And normally, he would have dismissed the idea entirely.

However, with the current situation, he could not help but feel that everything seemed to lead to that very point.

What if the other workers were right, and she alone had been supporting them?
What if the reason that they were more productive and profitable than other guilds, was because of her?

Perhaps they had made a terrible mistake.

The vice chief took a step back and crumbled to the floor.

The guild chief slammed his fist to the table and shouted.

“Find her! I don’t care how! But bring that girl back here!”

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  1. It’s entertaining watching them flounder. Also they’ll get in even more trouble if they try to force her to return.

  2. It would have been fascinating to see them blow up because of the failed delivery, but now I’m much more interested if this “Find her” order will result in an attempt at kidnapping to bring her along after she refuses.

    • There is a limit to the self-destructiveness they would try. Kidnapping an employee of royal institution is straight out act of rebellion. Kidnapping her mother, on the other hand, is equally bad morally, but less dangerous legally.

  3. that she wouldn’t even help others who were not making enough progress with their work.”

    that she would even helped others who,,,,,

    not wouldn’t and helped sounds better then help, idk. it got a bit confusing on those lines especially since it was confirmed last chapter she helped the others

  4. I think it should be “would even help others” instead of “wouldn’t even help others”

    They finally figured it out!

    Thank you for the chapter ^_^

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