Royal Magician – 20

Chapter 20 – Leap

As Spell Boost stretched out time, I ran.

Ugh, it was difficult to run.
They were getting in my way.

I kicked off my heels and cut off the hem of my dress so that it would be easier to run.

This was no time to be worrying about my appearance.

Someone’s life was in danger.

Mr. Gawain had said it too, but everyone here had someone waiting for their safe return.

Surely there would be people who would be permanently devastated.

And so I would not allow anyone to be assassinated.

“Noelle, take the west side.”
“Got it.”

I leapt into the main hall.
Luke would go to the east side.
And so I just needed to focus on the west.

With my accelerated speed, I rushed through the crowd of people.

The guests in their beautiful clothes all looked at me with wide eyes, but I ignored them.

I had to find someone who resembled the sleeping butler.

Butler clothes…damn it. There were so many…!

Where is he…?

As I desperately looked through the crowds…it happened.

“…Noelle! Look up!”

Luke’s voice echoed from far away, and then I raised my head.

Above the floor, the grandstand in the far back.
I saw an old butler serving glasses of wine.

I would not make it in time if I climbed those steps.

Was there any other way…

But the thought that came to me seemed terribly foolish.

It was so bad that people would probably laugh at me if they heard it. However, there was no time to think, and so I decided to risk it all.

They would laugh and say that I could not do it.

I might fail and get terribly injured.

But that was fine.

I had been discarded as useless, and became depressed.

And now, this was my first big job.

‘However, there is a reason that I did everything in my power to position you there, Noelle. I will need your help.’

He had fought against any opposition and recommended me.
My friend said that he needed my help.


‘I have high expectations for you, Noelle Springfield.’

For my other superiors, who had faith in me, even though I am a newcomer with no accomplishments…

Within this time, where I was accelerated, I leapt.
And then, at my feet, I unleashed my greatest magic.

Wind Blast.

An explosive wind cannon.
At the same time, I cast Magic Barrier all around me, sealing in the impact so it had nowhere to go.

A pressurized explosion of wind.
With nowhere else to escape, the wind pushed my body.

The gust of wind shot up.
My long skirt spread out.

In an instant, I was up in the air.

The scenery around me looked like it was frozen completely.

As the people looked up with dumb-founded expression, I dashed through the air with the powerful wind at my back.

Up ahead, I could see it in slow-motion. A woman had accepted the glass of wine, and was bringing it to her lips.

Damn it, I wouldn’t make it in time…


With everything in me, I shouted from the back of my throat.
The woman’s body shook violently and she froze for an instant.

And an instant was all that I needed.

Without losing momentum, I continued my charge and hit the wine glass out of her hand.

The shattering sound echoed as the wine sprayed the air.

And then I righted my posture with wind magic, and landed as if to protect the target woman from the culprit.

As everyone stood there in stunned silence, I said,

“That is the assassin who used the transformation potion!”

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