Seisan Mahoushi – 117

Chapter 117 – Discovered!

What came out of the corpse of the Mud Slime was a girl with green hair that was in a bowl-cut.

Her limbs and face looked similar to a human’s, but she was not human.
Her skin was a pale green, and she had a turtle shell on her back.

Iria picked up the girl from out of the dead slime.

“This child…she is still breathing!”
“Wiz, carry her! Melk, use your staff to heal her.”

I said, and then Wiz turned into a bed so that Iria could lay her on top.

As Melk used her staff to cast healing magic, I created some potions with Ecleshia’s leaves.

And then I made the girl drink it little by little.

“…Mmm…hmm? Where am I?”

The girl slowly opened her eyes and looked around.

Melk was relieved.

“She is awake.”
“You people…I saw you near the river…”
“I am Melk. Do you have a name?”
“My name is…Enna.”

The girl said, still looking guarded.
Perhaps she was shy, as her voice was very quiet.

“You gave a small wooden board near the river, didn’t you? To some children of a similar height. We’ve followed you while using that as a hint.”
“I see… I’m sorry. I wanted to invite you to our house in order to thank you, but I didn’t know that the monster would come so close…”
“The kraken? We defeated the monster that attacked your house.”
“Y-you did!?”

Enna looked like she could not believe it.

“It’s true. See?”

I showed Enna one of the kraken’s legs.

Enna shook with horror at first, but then sighed with relief when she saw that it was dead.

“Still, Enna. How are the others?”
“I was searching for them too. We always stay near the sea, or come here. And so I thought that they would be here. But I couldn’t find them… And so I came all of the way here to search, even though I was told to stay away.”
“And then you were attacked.
“I would have been dead by now if you people hadn’t appeared. Thank you so much for rescuing me. I wish I could repay you, but…”
“Don’t worry about that. First, we must find your family. We would very much like to talk to them as well.”
“Thank you. But, I don’t know where they could be… We cannot swim very far out.”

Enna’s expression darkened, and she seemed like she didn’t know what to do.

“Could they have continued on dry land to the east?”
“We are not able to stay on land for too long. Because our skin dries quickly.”
“Do you know if there is anything east of here?”
“It is just desert. And there are numerous large boars by the beach, so we always stay away.”

In that case, it was difficult to think that Enna’s friends would go there. And it seemed like there weren’t any other islands either. That being said, they could not be in the sea the whole time, so that’s why they had been living near the underground lake.

Iria muttered.

“It’s possible that they have returned to the island already.”
“The sound of the explosion was so loud. Someone might have been watching the island from a distance and noticed it.”

Ecleshia said with a nod.

“Then we should return to the island once. Perhaps we will be able to find some clue if Enna is with us. Will you do that, Enna?”
“I do not mind. I too would like to inspect the things left in our home.”
“Good. In that case, I’ll gather up some sand here, and then we’ll go back to the island.”

And like this, we returned to the island with Enna.

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