Seisan Mahoushi – 118

Chapter 118 – More Friends From The Sea!?

And so we put the child called Enna into the boat and headed back towards White Sand Island.

As the island grew closer, Melk pointed her snout to the sky and said,

“I can smell bread and fish… Someone has eaten the food in the house.”

Upon hearing those words, I looked up at Asuha, who was flying above us.
Asuha nodded as if to confirm it.

“I can see people wearing reed clothing near the house.”

And then Enna headed to the front of the boat.

“I will go on ahead. The others might run away when they see you.”
“Very well. We’ll leave it to you, Enna.”

Enna nodded and dove into the sea.
And then, faster than even our boat, she swam towards the island.

Melk muttered.

“She is an expert swimmer.”
“Aye. And yet she is so small.”

The high waves did nothing as she moved forward.
It was clear that this was a race that was strong against water.

And then after some time, we saw Enna reach the shore of White Sand Island.
Her friends then ran to greet her.

Ecleshia muttered.

“So they are reunited safely.”
“They are all so happy!”

Iria sighed with relief.

“I am glad. They must have been very worried about her.”

There had been a time when Monica did not know where Fletta was.
And so she understood how they felt.

However, Berdos alone was crossing his arms.

“Berdos. You don’t look too happy.”

Melk muttered with a puzzled expression.
I suppose Berdos wanted to say that the root of the problem had not been solved yet.

And so I nodded at Berdos and said,

“There is no guarantee that the Demon King Army will not return.”
“Mmm. They were able to control such a giant kraken. Perhaps the next time they come, it will be with an ever greater enemy. Besides, that army of shells was also dangerous. Can they truly survive here on their own?”
“As they are now, they do not stand a chance. It is something we will have to talk to them about.”

I said as I stirred the boat towards the island pier.

Enna must have explained everything to them, as there were about ten other green-skinned people like Enna who waited for us there.

“Baaahhh! We finally arrived!”
“I can’t get used to it, no matter how many times we sail…”

Celes, Mette and Ymir got off of the boat and sat down on the pier.

And then Enna and the other small green-skinned folk walked up to us.
The one who stood next to Enna then spoke to me, as if to represent the others.

“You are…Sir Joshua? I heard from Enna. You saved her…and the village. Thank you. And the food in that house…”
“We left it there for you to eat. I’m sorry that I built those houses without permission…”
“Please don’t worry about that. After all, you defeated that monster… Ah, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I am Kambel, of the Kappa tribe.”

Upon hearing this, Monica and I looked at each other.

So they were indeed the Kappa that we had been searching for. There was no doubt that they were the demihumans that lived near the water.

“I thank you for protecting this island and saving my daughter. And sorry about the food…but it smelled so good.”

Kambel bowed his head and the others did as well.

Just then, the sound of a stomach growling echoed.

Enna held her stomach with a look of embarrassment. We had given her some bread earlier on the boat, but it seemed like she was still hungry.

Kambel bowed his head again as if he too was embarrassed.

Upon seeing this, Melk said,

“Everyone. We can talk after eating. Mette, cook some fish.”
“Aye, leave it to me. Eating something will help with the sea sickness.”

Mette got up to her feet and headed to the bonfire we made yesterday.

“Now, everyone. Since we have so much Shield Shell meat, let’s cook it.”

And so we decided to sit around the fire and eat.

At first, there had been around ten Kappa by the pier.
However, more and more started to arrive from the underground lake. And now there were over a hundred of them, and they were still coming.

And so not just Mette, but the rest of us built more fires and helped with the cooking.

“This is delicious! I’ve never eaten such delicious clams!”

Enna smiled as she ate the cooked flesh from the skewer.

Apparently, the Kappa had no tradition of cooking their food. They must have always eaten them raw.

And so all of them looked at the food as if it was unusual. Still, they seemed to find it delicious.

The Kappa also brought some seafood that they had caught, and Mette and the others cooked it for them. As the Kappa were such good swimmers, they were excellent at underwater fishing.

“Oh, that’s a big one. Alright, let’s cook some more.”

Kambel still looked hesitant as he ate.

“I don’t know how we can thank you.”
“Don’t worry about it. By the way, the monster… I would like to talk to you about the kraken.”
“So it is called a kraken. Our claws did nothing against it, and six of our own were badly injured…”
“I see. You must allow me to treat them later.”

It was a kraken of such great size. So it was a surprise that more of them hadn’t been injured.
It must be true then that Olto had been merciful to them.

Kambel shook his head.

“You will do that as well? …Thank you. However, I am greatly relieved, now that you have defeated it. We saw you do it. And you also drove away the shells.”
“However, those shells, the Shield Shells, may return. They are currently under the command of the Demon King Army.”

I told him about Olto, who had been controlling the kraken and Shield Shells.
That the Demon King Army was coming from the sea in order to invade the north, and that things were still dangerous.

“I have asked Olto to find out if we can negotiate with the Demon King. However, I don’t know what will happen. And so, Kambel… Why don’t you join our Fendel Alliance?”
“Of course. It would make us feel much safer. Besides, we want to be able to repay you. We would be glad to join.”
“Thank you, Kambel. Welcome.”
“No, thank you.”

And so we shook hands.
Like this, a new race had joined the Fendel Alliance.

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