Seisan Mahoushi – 60

Chapter 60 – We Extracted The Hair Balls From The Hole!

“Still, it collapsed, huh…”

I was preparing to go to the east mountain.

The mountains that I could see to the east were rugged, with exposed rock.
Perhaps it was a volcanic mountain.
Was there an avalanche that sealed the entrance?

“Ymir. Is the entrance the only part that collapsed?”

I asked Ymir, the black hairball.

“Yes! It suddenly started to shake while everyone was sleeping! But it barely collapsed on the inside!”
“I see… In that case, then perhaps we only need to do something about the entrance.”

I could just absorb the rocks.

And I can bring a few Golems with me as backup.

And then Iria asked,

“What should we do?”
“Can you and the others prepare some food and water and bring it to the mountain?”
“Certainly! However, I think that I should go with you.”
“Huh? Well, I don’t mind, but…”
“The eastern mountains are known to have many dangerous monsters. Ymir, did you happen to see any four-legged beasts with giant horns?”

To Iria’s question, Ymir replied with a nod, ‘There are many of them!’

“I knew it. There are many Armor Boars. I think it best that you have a guard with you.”

Golems should be more than enough for that… But it was true that I would feel safer if Iria was with me.

“Very well. Iria will come with me. Mette, can you handle the food? Use slimes and carriages to deliver it.”
“Aye, leave it to me. When we’re finished preparing them, I’ll deliver them with Melk.”

Like this, I headed to the east with Iria and two Golems.
Ymir guided us there.

We must have walked for about two hours.

The mountains that we could see to the east were getting closer.
They were a little taller than the mountains that the Tengu lived on, and they stretched out to the north south as if they were multiple layers of walls.

There were no trees or plants growing around the mountains, and so it was just vast stretches of exposed rock.

“It looks like a mountain that has recently erupted… Iria. Have you ever seen smoke or fire rising from these mountains?”
“No, I never have… But, the village elder once told me that these mountains were dead mountains.”
“Dead mountains…”

A lifeless wasteland. Ymir’s fur ball appearance.
Were the two connected in some way?

As I thought of such things, we eventually reached the foot of the mountain.

However, strangely enough, we had not seen a single Armor Boar.
It was already past midday. Perhaps they just weren’t active during this time.

Ymir was already running as he headed to a certain area.

“It’s over here!”

On what part of the rocky surface, there were traces of a collapse.
Ymir rushed to it and shouted.

“Father! Mother! I brought someone who can help! You’ll be free!”
“Is that you, Ymir!? …Someone has come to help!?”

A low, manly voice echoed from inside.

Apparently, the others were alright.
It was time to start rescuing them.

“I’m going to move the rocks now! Everyone, stand back!”
“Un-understood! Hey, all of you! Move away!”

The man shouted. And then after a brief moment, ‘We’re ready!’ echoed.

“Good. I’ll move it now. Golem, protect me if any rocks come crashing down. And Iria and Ymir, have the other Golem protect you.”
“Understood! Ymir, come over here.”
“Yes! I’m counting on you, Joshua!”

I nodded at the anxious-looking Ymir, and began to absorb the rocks right away.

I started from the top, in order to avoid having them collapse again.

The work itself was quite simple.
It took about five minutes, as I was being extra careful, but eventually, I was able to absorb all of the rocks that were blocking the hole.

And then, from inside…black balls of fur that looked just like Ymir, began to shuffle out.


Ymir, and the two largest black hairballs in the lead, embraced each other.
Apparently, they were Ymir’s parents.

After some time, the two large black hairballs came up to me and bowed.

“So you are the one who saved us. I do not know how to thank you… I am Chief Musupe of the Pelekus tribe. And this is my wife, Nivel.”
“I am Joshua. This is Iria. We live to the west.”
“Is that so? In any case, I am so grateful that you saved us. If only there was something we can do to repay you… But after being trapped for three days, we have very little saved up…”
“Please don’t worry about that. Besides, we have brought you some food and water.”
“Y-you have done that as well!? Th-that is truly too generous of you… Huh?”

The hairball known as Musupe turned towards the north.

When I followed his gaze, I saw that a dust cloud was rising into the air.

“Is that a herd of boars?”

Musupe raised his voice.

But it wasn’t just any boar.
A herd of Armor Boars.

Well, perhaps they were ordinary boars to them. But that wasn’t the problem.

The problem was that on these Armor Boars, rode orcs.

They must be from the Demon King army.
There were about two hundred riders in all.
Perhaps the reason that we hadn’t seen any Armor Boars was because the orcs had captured all of them to use as mounts.

But they must have been battling someone, as some of them had been pierced with arrows, and their armor was greatly damaged.

“Retreat! Retreat! We cannot win against that!!”
“Gen-general! There is a human and a demihuman over there!?”
“Ig-ignore them! We must hurry and escape!”

The orcs did not attack or even look our way. They just continued to flee towards the south.

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