Royal Magician – 108

Chapter 108 – First Battle 2

“Oh! The small one is putting up a good fight!”
“Even though she is clearly weaker.”
“Good! Don’t make it too easy for him!”

While it was clearly a hopeless situation, the small magician barely managed to stand her ground, which made the audience erupt with excitement.
This was also because many of them had expected a boring, one-sided battle.
And so her surprising resistance grabbed their attention at once.

“She’s quite tough, in spite of being weaker. It must be incredibly difficult to survive such vicious attacks.”

The veteran magician and member of the scout team did not reply to his partner’s words.
He just stared at the battle with a serious expression.

“Mr. Truman?”

His partner looked at him strangely, but he did not reply.

His eyes were not even blinking as he watched.

◇  ◇  ◇

An opponent so strong that I would lose in an instant if I lowered my guard.
For a moment, he had pushed me to the brink, and I was nearly defeated. But as I held on, there were things that I started to see.

Things that appeared to be perfect, but were not.
All humans had habits and weaknesses.
And so I had a chance.

But more than anything, there was a feeling growing within me that gave me courage.

…I could see. I could react.

I could feel it.
This did not seem impossible.
That gave me courage.

In any case, I would focus on what was in front of me.

It didn’t matter who my opponent was.
The important thing was that I use all of the strength within me.
If I lost after doing it, then it could not be helped.

That’s how I saw it as I stepped forward.

My heart beat quickly.
Challenging a powerful enemy.

It was strange that I could feel this excited.

…This was so fun.

◇  ◇  ◇

(In terms of mana and casting precision, I am clearly superior. And yet, I cannot push her back…)

Allesandro Vortera searched for an answer during the battle.

Numerous layers of magic attacks and shockwaves intersected.
Violent blades of wind smashed against gravity walls as he inspected his opponent.

(There must be something… Something that sets her apart….)

Most people would not have been able to stay so calm, but he was different.

Sometimes, battles between magicians were compared to a game of chess.
You read their thoughts, moved strategically, and lured them into a defenseless situation before making the finishing blow.

His long experience and wisdom led him to a certain theory.

(She is analyzing my motions and habits, and changing herself to attack more effectively…?)

Every time the magic attacks clashed, her movements seemed to change a little.
The positioning and timing changed so that it was harder to deal with the attacks.

(A battle of endurance would be dangerous.)

Voltera’s decision was quick.

(I won’t give her more time. With my greatest firepower, I will quickly put an end to this.)

And so he moved forward.
Without chanting, he cast four spells at once. Multicast.

The mana density rose explosively.


Rocks shot into the air around the enemy.
The tremendous pull of gravity lifted them and flung them towards the target, faster than the eye could see.

But in the face of such destructive power, the small magician’s reaction was surprising.

(Why is her face…)

She looked as if she was moved at the sight of such magic.
Like a child looking at rainbow

(She really does love magic.)

It reminded him of his own youth.
Back when he had been obsessed, and in pure awe of magic.

When had he lost that feeling of truly loving magic?

‘The only thing needed is results. And you must get it at all costs.’

Pressure and responsibility.
Unless he won, then his very existence would be questioned.

And so he had repressed his emotions and climbed to the top.

His pain only increased.
The world was vast.
And no matter how hard one tried, it was not enough to become the very best.

Anger, regret and pain.
He tried so hard, but could not reach it.

He was consumed by jealousy when compared to others.

And he wondered why he was even doing this.

Sometimes, he would sit alone in his room with a feeling of emptiness.

And so he was greatly moved when he saw her.

She was not limited by convention, and her magic was free and relaxed.

She was having so much fun.

It seemed like she was saying that with her whole body.

And before he knew it, he too became lost in the fight.

He no longer cared about responsibilities and expectations.

(…This is fun.)

Dancing with magic to his heart’s content.
The feeling of enjoyment that he had lost amongst the busy days.

His body became light.
And he feared nothing.

He would talk about it later.
How he was his strongest on that day.

The unleashed rubble bullets.
A chain of attacks to end the battle.

The combination that he was the best at.
By the time she realized it, it would be too late.

(…I got her.)

He could feel it.
He was sure.

In the next instant, he felt a chill, as if liquid nitrogen had been poured down his back.


It had been his strongest attack, meant to put an end to the fight.
It should have been decisive.

(Her rapidfire and movement speed have increased…)

The speed of her casting had been polished to an unbelievable level.

How much training had gone into it in order for her to do that…

This was someone who had dedicated everything they had to magic.
Someone who immersed themselves in magic alone, in order to improve.

Pure love and passion.
And so he was terribly moved by it.

(You are amazing.)

Eventually, he was pulled away.
However, it did not hurt.
He felt comfortable.

It had been a while since he enjoyed using magic so much.

He had not expected to feel like this.

(I’m glad I was able to fight.)

Wind cannons exploded.
As he crumbled, his face was so pleasant, that you would not think that he had been defeated.

“That was an amazing battle…!”
“I didn’t think the small one would win.”
“A real giant killing. I was entertained.”
“Impressive. She beat Alessandro Vorter.”

The crowd talked excitedly after the battle.

“She did very well. Even against a superior enemy, she did not back down. Perhaps with some luck, she can continue to win.”

While the others of the scout team were reacting calmly, Truman Hawkins could not believe his eyes.

(To think that such a thing…)

This absurd ability she had shown glimpses of.
It would require a great amount of advanced knowledge to understand what it was.

He doubted there were many in the audience who had realized it.
However, Truman had been observing her every move carefully.

Every small change in the way she moved.
Just how difficult and abnormal it was.

(Against her opponent’s magic, she optimized her movements swiftly. On top of that, she was efficient in a way that was inhuman.)

Truman thought…

(A monster that reacts to strength and increases in power. But what is astonishing, is that it feels like just the beginning. Like it is just a small glimpse.)

He felt a chill.

(Who is she…)

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