Royal Magician – 47

Chapter 47 – The Full-belly Dining Hall and a Fun Time

And so I took Nina to a place that I had been a regular at while I still lived here.

It was the Full-belly Dining Hall, which was actually part of the town’s Adventurers Guild.
and so the place was always filled with warriors. Stepping through the curtains was like entering a battlefield.

Upon seeing my face, the owner smiled warmly.

“It’s been a while, Miss.”
“Yes, it really has.”

So he remembered me. That made me happy.

“What will it be?”
“The full-belly set please. And you, Nina?”
“The daily special set.”

The food was prepared quickly by the owner.
And then the surrounding customers looked at our table and said,

“Hey, hey. Does she want to die?”
“Why would a child order so much food?”

Who are you calling a child!
I wanted to strongly protest, insisting that I was a mature woman with more grace and allure than they knew.

Damn it. Unforgivable.
I would show them…!

Twenty minutes later, the customers were stunned as they saw my plate after I had devoured its contents.

“What is happening with her stomach…”

Oh, dear. What foolish remarks to make in front of someone who boasts such overwhelming power of consumption.

As I drank my tea with a smug expression, Nina chuckled and said,

“I see that you still eat as much as before.”
“I do?”
“Yes. I still remember how you ate when you visited our house. My mother is usually so calm, but even her eyes were bulging with shock. It was terribly funny.”

I thought back on the old memories.
Ah, that’s right.
The food served at Nina’s house had been so delicious, that I ate ravenously as if I had been starving for days.

It was probably from then that I started to eat so much.

It hadn’t occurred to me at the time, but looking back, I was a very ill-mannered child indeed.

“Um… I know it’s a little late, but I am sorry about that…”
“Why? I really am grateful to you, Noelle. You saved me from days of boredom. I learned that I didn’t have to silently bear everything. I didn’t always have to be good.”

While it was nice to hear her say such things, I also worried that I had been a bad influence on her.

To teach a young lady how to climb trees and punch bullies…
Now that I think back on it, what the hell was I thinking…

As the deeds of my past self came back to haunt me, Nina said,

“It was also because of you that I became a Magic Physician. Well, it was the healing magic that you taught me.”
“What? You are a Magic Physician?”

That was a surprise.
You needed a national certification for that. It was an incredibly exclusive profession.
Only a brilliant few could hope to become one. And it was one of the most difficult professions in the department of magic.

“There are not many women who are Magic Physicians… That is amazing, Nina.”
“Hehe. Well, don’t stop there.”
“You are so smart! Incredible! You’re a genius!”

Nina looked really happy.

I see. A Magic Physician.
It really was amazing.

And then Nina continued.

“However… I also have another job. You will likely be very surprised when you hear about it, Noelle.”
“What job?”
“I’m an Adventurer.”

It was so surprising that I thought I had misheard her.
Nina laughed mischievously.

“As an Adventurer, I work as a Healer.”

An Adventurer was an occupation that anyone could become, regardless of station or family.
And so most of them were common folk.
I suppose it was because of this, that those in high society looked down on Adventurers. Or so I had heard.

That was what made it surprising.
Why would a lady like Nina become an Adventurer?

When I asked about this, Nina said,

“The job of an Adventurer is to protect people from monsters that attack villages and towns, isn’t it? I wanted to be someone who could defend those who are helpless against the violence of monsters. Just like the time you stood up for me.”

Nina had found something that she wanted to be.
And she had headed straight towards that goal without giving up.

There must have been many hardships along the way.

Becoming a magic physician and Adventurer could not have been easy for her. You had to have a very strong will.

“I have so much respect for you. You really are amazing, Nina.”

Now that she was an adult, there was something about her that was blindingly bright.
And I was happy that I was able to celebrate her success from the bottom of my heart.

‘Actually, things have not been going well with work.’

The last time I had reunited with an old friend here…

‘I suppose I can’t help but compare myself, which makes it hard to be as happy for you as I should. I’m sorry. It’s really terrible.’

Part of me had not been able to be as happy for him as I wanted to be.
Really, I am so glad that he picked me up as a Royal Magician.

Thank you, Luke. For finding me when no one else needed me.

I thought once again about the friend who had approached me.

“But I am much more impressed by you, Noelle.”

Nina insisted.

“Hehe. Continue.”

I decided that I would gladly take some compliments.

“You look amazing! You’re the strongest! A genius!”

We laughed like we used to when we were children.
Praising each other, and smiling bashfully.

And like this, the enjoyable time passed by quickly.

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