Ossan Boukensha – 71


Even I thought that it was a little reckless of me to charge into a flying wyvern.

Though I have never done it before, it must be similar to using a sword to cut at a car that was rushing down a highway.
However, it had not been for nothing. The wyvern crashed heavily to the ground, and it seemed to have broken some of the bones in one wing, as it was bent in an odd direction.
Now it wouldn’t be able to fly up.

And so I made my way down one level into the mines, and the wyvern rose to face me.


It was furious. Of course, it was.
The size of its body and volume of its voice made it seem all the more threatening.

That being said, the fight did not feel so one-sided anymore. Besides, I didn’t need to win.
I just had to keep it in check. Buy a little time until someone comes to help me.

Its head snapped forward, which I tried to swipe away with my sword. But it ignored the blade with a powerful bite.


Fangs collided with metal, and I was knocked back. I somehow managed to stay on my feet, but was stunned to see that the wyvern seemed to be barely affected by its wounds.
That was scarier than anything. If a monster is scared of your sword, then you have some room to maneuver. But if it was just using its power to blindly push you back, then I had to move differently.

‘I would not recommend any large monsters.’

I recalled the words of the guild master at the royal capital. I felt the truth of those words now.
I raised my sword from a low level stance to a mid level one. If it was not scared of my sword, then I had to attack it so that it would be.

And so as the wyvern began to attack again…


I slammed it with a powerful, sideways slash. The impact felt promising, but the neck did not stop, and I was knocked off of my feet.


I rolled on the ground and then got back up. A long wound was on the wyvern’s neck, and it was screeching in agony.

“Mei-lei-mote-sei Heal!”

It wasn’t a decisive blow, but now it knew what my sword was capable of.
After healing myself and holding my sword out aggressively, the wyvern seemed to become more cautious.

And then I noticed something. Other Adventurers had now arrived.
But they were just looking at me, and made no move to help. What! Was this just their way of bullying the new guy!?

They were staring at me and doing nothing. How shameful! And yet they still call themselves Adventurers!

The wyvern seemed to detect my shock then, and its mouth shot towards me.


Blood rushed to my head, and my counterattack was sloppy. It was all strength and no thought, and so it was dodged easily.

I was left open then, and the wyvern slammed its unbroken wing into me, sending me back into the dirt.
But I rose again quickly. When I looked up, the wide open jaws were already in front of me.


I jumped to the side, barely managing to dodge it. And then I stood up. Tsk! It was not like me to make such a mistake. How embarrassing.
However, just then, the Adventurers who surrounded me began to raise their voices.

“This is Ajifu’s moment. His battle as a man! If he is in danger, then Dust Claw shall save him! But until then, do not interfere!!”

Wh-what!? Is that what this is!?

Battle as a man? Who said anything about that!!

Ah! Could it be!
Perhaps in Rokuidol, it was considered a great honor to fight against a wyvern?

Well, that might explain this situation. If I run away from such a battle, perhaps the guild will have something to say to me tomorrow.

Still, there was some good information as well. If things get dangerous, then this ‘Dust Claw’ will help me. I suppose that was the rule.

I had never met Dust Claw, but they were a well-known C-Rank party within Rokuidol. With such reliable backup, I could be a little more bold. Alright. I’ll do it!

Tsk! I felt bad now, thinking that they were bullying me, when it was my fault for being ignorant of the local customs!
Now, I would have to show them what kind of man I really am!


I stepped forward with my prosthetic leg and slashed at the wyvern. It wasn’t like the previous, sloppy attack.
While my second Rokuidol prosthetic leg only had some minor changes, it had a good balance of stability and freedom as it held the ground.
I had stepped towards the wing that was broken, so it would probably hurt.

As expected, it did not counter with its wings, but swung its neck towards me instead.


While swinging down with my sword, I was hit by the neck and thrown into the air. But I knew that would happen!

“Mei-lei-mote-sei Heal!”

I healed with the magic staff embedded in my leg. This was the fourth time I was using Heal. And I only had four left in me.
Still, I could be a little reckless, with a C-Rank party behind me. So as long as it wasn’t big damage, I could afford to be hit.

As for the wyvern, I had managed to leave a small wound on its neck. I felt bad that its weapon was also its weak spot.


The wyvern roared in pain as blood began to run. It opened its jaws and snapped at me. This was an attack that I could not allow to hit me.
I ducked and raised my sword. The head then shot down, and I quickly jumped to the side, but the attack hit me in the side of my stomach. That would have been dangerous if my armor was soft.

“Mei-lei-mote-sei Heal!”

Three left!
Just then, I heard voices echoing all around me.


Woah! Was this part of the tradition? It was rather rousing.
Well, I’ll play along then!

And so I took a step closer to the wyvern.
Of course, that made things more dangerous. But I would also raise the speed of my sword.

Little by little.

It wasn’t that I was holding back up until now. So it wasn’t easy.


Still, the voices grew louder, and pushed me forward.

My sword slowly cut away at the skin of the wyvern. Blood sprayed in the air.


The wyvern roared, and then it swung at me with its unhurt wing.
So you want me to crush that one as well! You don’t have to ask twice!


I swung at the wing, but my arm went a little higher than I thought it would, and I only cut through some of the membrane, instead of bone. And what I saw behind it was the tail that seemed to spin as it shot towards me.

It hit me head on, and I was thrown off of my feet and crashed into the wall.


That one hurt.

“Mei-lei-mote-sei Heal!”

The cheering had stopped now. I sucked air back into my lungs and muttered the chant.

“Hah, hah… Mei-lei-mote-sei Heal!”

After the second Heal, I was able to stand up again. After spinning, the wyvern turned back to me and started to approach.

As there was some distance between us now, it was running. This was bad. It would crush me like this.

With the wall behind me, I raised my sword, luring it until the last second and… Now.”
I jumped out to the side as the head shot towards me.

With a loud crash, the wyvern crashed into the wall. However, it then turned its head to look at me, as if it hardly felt it.
I rolled on the ground and then got back up. Its open jaw was already moving towards me.


I kicked the dirt with my knee, and moved back while getting up to my feet. However, the wyvern continued its pursuit.
Still, its mouth was at a lower position than before.

It was getting confident again, wasn’t it?

I spun around, thrust my prosthetic leg in front of me. The point of it stopped right on the wyvern’s lower jaw.

The sand scorpion greaves attached to my prosthetic leg slipped between its teeth.
And just as the jaw closed shut, I jumped off of my other foot.
My body went up into the air with the momentum of its closing mouth, and the iron spring that was my prosthetic leg was enough to support my weight.

Now that its mouth was closed, what was now exposed in front of me was the wyvern’s forehead.
And so as if jumping, I held my sword in a backhand and thrust it down.


With the stomach and back muscles I trained in Rokuidol, I put all of my strength into the attack. And then my weight and momentum as well. It went in deep. It was like Father Zenrima said. There was no such thing as unnecessary muscles.

As the sword sank in, blood sprayed out, and the wyvern’s eyes rolled up into its head.


Its body fell to the floor.
But as it still had my prosthetic leg, I fell along with it.


Great cheers erupted around me.
I could not get up. And so I lay on the ground, staring up at the sky as I raised a fist in the air.

How was that? Adventurers.

I finished it. Rokuidol’s tradition!!

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Ossan Boukensha no Jimichi na Isekai Tabi

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  1. Thank you for the chapter and you’re welcome.

    Dust Claw… Just get in there and help him already! Everyone misunderstands the situation now!

  2. Honestly, I hope his leg doesn’t grow back. I like the idea of the mc having to adapt with his prosthetic and still become very powerful. It will be very boring if he grows it back.

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