10th Year – 39

Part 3: Chapter 8 – Romanticist and Realist

Five Golems were lying on the ground in the yard behind Coen’s workshop.
Coen was holding her forehead in shock.

“You have got to be kidding me. But their movements are based on those of A-Rank Adventurers. Well, they are only able to replicate it by seventy percent, but they still shouldn’t be defeated in such a one-sided battle…”
“I think they just went against the wrong opponent.”
“In the first place, Mr. Tor is ranked in the hierarchy.”

Tor’s Enchants allowed him to control magnetic and electric power, and so it was no wonder he could make quick work of the metal Golems.
Even if these Golems could also use Enchant to some degree, they were only using it to envelope their weapons. As their bodies were made of metal, Coen hadn’t considered the need for an extra layer of protection.
Besides, Golems used an immense amount of magic energy already, so using Enchant on their weapons meant shortening the time they could be activated.

Tor removed his gloves and turned to face Coen.

“A passing mark. You should be fine as long as you’re not actively trying to engage in combat.”

To Tor’s senses, these five Golems were just as capable as a similar number of B-Rank Adventurers. Perhaps even a little more, given that Golems were more durable. But then again, their movements were slower. So they would not be too reliable outside of their roles as guards.
But if they could be made lighter with aluminum alloys, their speed and efficiency could be improved. Tor was looking forward to their completion.

“By the way, weren’t Golems supposed to go crazy if they are used for too long?”

Tor asked Coen.

“Yes, highly advanced Golems will. Ones that have a camera lens that allows them to recognize what is around them, and differentiate between things. While these Golems fulfill those requirements, we shouldn’t have to worry about them for a while.”
“Because you just made them recently?”

He had wondered if they might lose control in the magitec beast nest, but it seemed to be an unnecessary worry.
Coen put the Golems back into the storage house, and checked to see if they hadn’t malfunctioned during the battle against Tor.
Euphie and Mailey were looking curiously as she worked.

“So this is what Golems look like on the inside.”
“What is this cylinder with gears used for?”
“It is to measure the size and position of targets based on signals it receives from a camera lens that uses light magic.”
“This part inside of the head, is it the light magic lens then?”
“There is also a support camera in the torso. However, we are merely using technology found in the ruins of the ancient civilization. And so I don’t actually know how they work. It’s all a mystery.”

As the twins questioned her about various things, Coen replied honestly.
Tor leaned his back against the wall of the storage house and watched them.

In spite of Rokuk’s warning about how she hated people, Coen seemed to be rather kind with the twins.
She was never sarcastic, and just seemed like an honest person.

“Hey, why are you so fixated on aluminum?”

Tor understood that it was a metal with many advantages, but he wasn’t sure it was worth risking your life and entering a magitec beast nest for.
Coen stopped working and turned to look at him.

“I hate people.”

This sudden admission was quite the opposite of what Tor had just been thinking, and so it took him by surprise.
However, Euphie and Mailey didn’t seem to mind, and they just nodded for her to continue.
And so Coen returned to her work as she explained.

“People will say they like B over A, but then they will switch to A depending on their emotions. I hate that kind of vagueness. That is why Golems are wonderful. They have no emotions and cannot deceive with their words or actions. They are truly ideal partners, deserving of love.”
“I see.”

Tor realized that she was even worse than her reputation suggested, and decided to stop thinking about it.
However, there were some who would not back down so easily.

…The twins.

After all, they were able to befriend someone like Tor, so it would take more to shake them.
Mailey peered into Coen’s face.

“Are you one of those Golem lovers then?”
“Oh, you know? Well, there are not many such people, so I am treated like a deviant.”
“While I do not relate, I can understand. At the very least, I have no intention of judging others.”
“How very kind of you. With aluminum’s weight, the magic energy depletion will be reduced, and they will last longer. I can make the ideal partner.”

Tor had never even heard of a Golem lover before, and his mind was stuck on that point, as the conversation continued.
Euphie clapped her hands together.

“In other words, Ms. Coen. You are a romanticist who wants love that will stay the same forever.”

Coen burst into laughter at this unexpected observation from Euphie.

“Splendid. I think you have mercilessly hit the nail on the head. Though, the fact that I’m a human feels like quite the contradiction.”

Coen seemed quite amused by this, as she continued to grin as she finished up her work. And then she turned to Euphie and Mailey.

“But what about you two then?”

Apparently, they were in the mood to expose each other’s romantic tastes.
And so Tor slipped quietly out of the storage house.


The twins pondered over it for a moment.

“Perhaps…a realist who will undo what has been changed.”
“You’re very confident. But what is changed may not ever return.”
“Well, there are two of us. We chase dreams that are too big for one person.”

Coen was surprised by this, and looked back and forth at their faces as she chuckled.

“A realist with a dream, eh? Not bad, but whoever you are after will have a hard time.”

Coen said. And then they all turned around. But Tor was already gone.
Coen shrugged.

“He runs faster than a dream, eh?”

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