Royal Magician – 90

Chapter 90 – Premonition

“Today’s successful participants. 278 and 279. That is all.”

I raised my fist into the air upon hearing that victory was mine.

My feeling of desperation had made me nervous at first, and so it took a while to get used to it. However, I felt that in the end, I had proved that I was capable.

“Hehe. That’s what happens when I enter a dungeon.”

While I said such things, deep down, I felt immense relief.
When I had gotten caught in the first simple trap, I actually thought it was all over for me.
But the flow of mana and the formula structure told me that it was a status afflicting trap, and so I was able to nullify it quickly, which saved me from failing.

We then joined the sole Adventurer who passed the exam yesterday, and were briefed about the dungeon.
It was then decided that we would accompany the Adventurers who were in charge of supplies, and join the Conquest Team on the frontlines…which was to say, the base camp on the 75th floor.

The Viceroza Grand Dungeon had been discovered over a thousand years ago. And so over the years, an exploration route was set and maintained.

There were three base camps set on the 38th, 59th, and 75th floors respectively, and each were near a teleportation circle.
Thanks to this, we were able to reach the 75th floor in half a day, though it had originally taken Adventurers close to a month.

“Amazing. It’s like there is a small town deep inside of the dungeon.”

I said, greatly impressed.

“Indeed. I’ve never seen it before either.”

Agreed the Adventurer with a smile.
There were only three of us joining the team this time.
But three was a difficult number.
When two talked, the other was left out. And if two were already friends, the other might feel alienated a little.

But since I was a mature woman who was perceptive and with excellent manners, I made an effort to talk as much as possible.

“…Um, why is your friend looking at me like some kind of assassin?”

The Adventurer asked with an awkward chuckle.
I turned, but Luke averted his eyes as if he had been doing no such thing.

I see.
Apparently, he was the one who started to feel left out.

“Oh, dear. You can be quite childish in spite of appearances.”

I joked while patting him on the shoulder.

“No. It’s not like that.”

He insisted.

Regardless, we soon met up with the Conquest Team on the frontlines.
And without further delay, we were to participate in the large-scale exploration.

While our new Adventurer friend was strong, these other Adventurers were all amazing, and had S-Rank licenses.
There were knights and court magicians who were the best in their countries.

It was no wonder that they had been able to pass such a difficult test.

I felt a little out of place, but also comforted to know that I could adventure with such reliable people.

And more than anything, we were going to enter the 80th floor of the Viceroza Grand Dungeon.
Unknown territory that the eyes of the world were now fixed on.

Well, what adventures and treasures could be awaiting us!

To make a fortune in a single stroke!
To live the dream of eating steak for every meal, along with fried chicken, hamburgers, and cream cheese croquettes!

I clenched my fist as my heart thumped with excitement.

◇  ◇  ◇

“So it is three people this time.”

Said Jake Belresto, the greatest S-Rank Adventurer in the Conquest Team.
Crewel, who had received the report from the rear support team, nodded back.

“Two are Royal Magicians from Ardenfeld. Luke Waldstein has broken numerous records at his young age, while Noelle Springfield has attracted much attention for her achievements recently.”

Crewel then told Jake about the abnormal ability the participants showed during the exam.

“I see. So they should be quite useful then.”

Jake nodded as he scanned the letter and documents he was handed.
After he organized the information and was going to start preparing for the exploration, Crewel opened his mouth.

“I think that in terms of fighting force, we have enough to take on the 80th floor’s boss. I think we should advance, before the other powers start making a serious attempt to…”
“I’ve told you many times already. No.”
“After investigating the 80th floor seven times, we have confirmed that the floor boss is only about ten percent stronger than the previous one. On the other hand, our fighting force has increased by thirty percent. And the advance party that fought it came out without much damage.”
“Some floor bosses change shape when they are in danger. You never know what might happen in these dungeons. There is no harm in taking all possible measures.”
“But we already know its third form. And that it is not too powerful. We should be able to beat it.”
“Why are you so insistent?”

Jake asked, and then Crewel closed his mouth.

“I am sorry.”

He said with a bow.
Jake stared at him for a moment and then said,

“Is your mother not doing well?”

Crewel remained silent.
Eventually, he spoke while looking at the ground.

“…I was told that there is no time left.”

Jake knew of the problem that Crewel was facing.
He needed money to pay for the treatment of his mother, who was his only living relative.
Commoners would not have enough money to pay for such expensive treatment, and so he had no choice but to enter the dangerous depths of the dungeon.

“Very well. We will go forward with the plan then.”
“Are you sure?”
“Do not mistake me. We had already determined that it is safe at this stage. It is not for you.”
“Thank you!”

Jake waved Crewel away, and made some final checks on the operation plans.

While this was earlier than expected, it wasn’t that they weren’t prepared enough.
Crewel’s words had been correct.
And many of the others felt the same way.

They had a good chance of completing their goal, and with few casualties.

However, Jake could not help but feel a little worried as well.

There was something about the 80th floor’s boss…

Things were going smoothly.
And yet, Jake felt as if they were being lured in, if anything.

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  1. With preparations like that, I think they should be able to afford to settle any participants’ monetary obligations first. Specifically to prevent a situation like this one.
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