My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 57

We Arrived at the River

I somehow managed to persuade Ms. Claire, and then we started walking towards the river again, with Sebastian in the lead.
It wasn’t that I had to hide what I was researching with Weed Cultivation, but that we were in the middle of the forest and dragging orc cracasses. It wasn’t the right time to talk about it.
We would have plenty of time once we reached the river.
The sounds of rushing water were getting quite loud now.
Another ten minutes later, and we could see the river through the trees.

“Ms. Claire. It’s the river.”
“Ha…ha… Then we can finally rest.”

So walking in the forest for so long really had been difficult for Ms. Claire.
She was panting, but her expression brightened up when she saw the river.


Leo, who was still carrying the orc in her mouth, rushed ahead of us towards the river.
As soon as she arrived, she left the orc on the ground and jumped into the water.
She had jumped right in the last time we found a river as well. Leo really liked to play in the water.
She splashed around loudly as she swam and occasionally drank.

“…Even though Leo is a Silver Fenrir now, she still swims like a dog.”

I watched her swimming as we reached the river.
Ms. Claire then sat down on a large rock and rested.
Sebastian looked for an area to camp, and Ms. Lyra began to gather branches in order to make a fire.
Those two really were hard workers.
As for the three guards, they put down the orcs where Leo had, and then they began to drain the blood from the bodies.

“Huh. So that’s how you do it…”

They lifted the arms and legs upside down so that the blood flowed out.
Occasionally, they would make cuts where the blood seemed to be trapped.
As there were three orcs and five pieces, it would take quite a while for them to finish.
They also made the blood flow directly into the river.
Allowing the blood to pool close by would be a little too much…both in terms of smell and just ruining the scenery…

“Well, I’m not as tired as Ms. Claire, so I should do something too.”

And so I helped Ms. Lyra with gathering branches.
I couldn’t help Sebastian find a place to camp, as I knew nothing of camping, and it was the same with processing the meat.
And I would feel awkward joining Leo in her play now, so it would be best to make myself useful.
These kinds of preparations should be finished quickly.

“Ms. Lyra. Will these branches do?”
“Yes. Thanks to you, we have quite a lot now. Thank you, Mr. Takumi.”
“Not at all. The fire will benefit all of us. I have to do my part.”
“…But you could have rested like Lady Claire if you wanted?”
“Well, I still have some energy. So it was no trouble at all.”

We then separated the branches for what would be used for the fire now and what would be saved for later.
As we worked, Sebastian returned.

“Lyra, Mr. Takumi. I found a place to set up camp.”
“I understand. Will we go there now?”
“Yes, if you are able. Lyra and I will tell the others.”
“Then I’ll tell Ms. Claire. I’m sure she has recovered a little by now.”
“Thank you.”

I then separated from Sebastian, who went towards the guards who were just finishing up with the meat. And I walked over to Ms. Claire, who was sitting by the river.

“Ms. Claire. Sabastian has found a place for us to set up camp. Should we go now?”
“I see.”
“…Are you all right?”
“I did get some rest. And I can walk just fine.”

Ms. Claire smiled at my obvious concern, but it seemed forced.
There was still a tiredness in her expression and her movements were slow.
…It would be best if she did not do much for the rest of the day and rest.

“Ah, there they are.”

Sebastian and Lyra were now walking towards us with the three guards.
I would have to go and call Leo soon.

“Leo. Come out of the river! We’re going!”

Upon hearing my voice, Leo swam towards me and then jumped right out of the water!
She landed on the dry ground and then shook the water from her fur.
Even though we were quite far away, the water sprayed so far that I thought it might hit us… I had been hit by that force at point blank in the bathing room… And become completely drenched.

“Good girl.”

While she was much farther than Sebastian and the others had been, she dashed quickly after drying herself and reached us first.
And so I patted Leo and waited for the others to arrive.

“Lady Claire, Mr. Takumi. Sorry to keep you waiting. Now, I will take you to the spot.”
“Thank you.”

We answered, and then Sebastian led the way once again.
It was not too far off, and we reached it in about ten minutes.
Ms. Lyra and I carried the tree branches we had gathered for the bonfire, and Leo and the guards carried the orc meat, which was now a little lighter.
As we were walking alongside the river, there were no trees in our way, and Ms. Claire seemed to have an easier time walking.
Here, the space between the river and the forest was wider, and there were fewer rocks which meant there was a lot of plain dirt.

“We will camp here tonight.”
“Very well.”
“Then we will start preparing the tents.”

The guards spread out their burden and began to pitch the tents.
And so I helped Ms. Lyra start the bonfire.
Ms. Claire and Leo watched us lay out the branches with deep interest.

“Ms. Lyra. Is this fine?”
“Hmm… No, this should be like this… It will burn better if the air can move through.”
“Thank you.”

And so Ms. Lyra lectured me on making bonfires.
…So it wasn’t as easy as laying down some tree branches…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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