Seisan Mahoushi – 154

Chapter 154 – The Man in the Mask!?


Once the echo of Mete’s voice had died down, the only thing that remained was crumbled white bones.
While she had been fighting them with her club, she had moved at such a great speed that it seemed like she was fighting them with her voice.

As for Iria, she too was cutting them down, only she was completely silent.

And so we defeated the skeletons like this, until we arrived at the temple with white walls.

At first, I thought there would be unlimited waves of skeletons here, but it seemed like they had now stopped. I looked towards the graveyard, but there was no sign of more skeletons appearing.

But upon seeing this, a different fear entered my mind.

Surely…they hadn’t turned all of the corpses here into skeletons already?

No, this was an important place, so they must have kept them here.

Just then, Iria looked up at the sky.

“Everyone! Look up! On top of the temple!”

And so we all turned our heads to the roof of the white temple.

I saw that something humanoid was standing there.

At a glance, it looked like a human.
However, its face was covered by a fox mask.

“It’s you! Kyuby… No, wait…”

Previously, when I had mediated during a battle between Minotaurs and elves, to the north of Fendel, I had seen someone who wore a fox mask and was called Kyuby.
He had claimed to be a spy of the Demon King, and said that he was heading north…

The person on the roof was wearing the same mask as Kyuby. However, this one had a much larger body. I could not really tell Kyuby’s gender, but this one looked more like a man.

The man in the mask then asked me,

“…You know Kyuby?”
“We met in the south recently. Kyuby was the one who pushed the Minotaurs into attacking humans. Though, they attacked elves instead.”
“Kyuby made such a mistake… Hmm. But this is a strange combination of people. Are you demihumans?”
“If you are going to ask questions, why don’t you introduce yourself first?”
“My name is Yomotsu. I am a spy of the Demon King.”
“So you also declare yourself as a spy…”

This one was definitely similar. Kyuby had also introduced himself as a spy. And they had the same mask. Perhaps they were the same race.

Still, it was very strange for a spy to declare themself a spy.

In any case, I would introduce myself as well.

“I am Joshua. I represent the Fendel Alliance.”
“The Fendel Alliance.”
“A country where humans, demihumans and monsters can live together.”
“Can such a country exist… Nevermind. I have no intention of fighting against demihumans.”
“Kyuby said that humans and demihumans were the same?”

I had told Kyuby that the Fendel Alliance had no intention of fighting against the Demon King.
However, Kyuby had laughed and said that humans and demihumans were the same.

Yomotsu shook his head.

“Kyuby may think like that… But at the very least, our lord has no intention of being hostile towards demihumans.”
“You mean the Demon King?”

If he could speak about the Demon King’s will, then this Yomotsu must be quite high in rank in the Demon King Army.

The Lizard Men we had met at White Sand Island, south of Fendel, had also said they would ask the Demon King if we could talk. I suppose the Demon King’s main enemy really was humans.

Yomotsu then looked at Mette and the others.

“And so, demihumans. If you will all retreat now, I will not pursue you. However, it will be different for those three humans.”

Mette laughed at his words.
Yomotsu then quietly turned to look at Mette.

“…What is so amusing?”
“No, it’s just that I realized with those words, that you are not much of a man.”
“What do you mean?”
“I’m saying that you couldn’t even see what princess Iria is. There are only two humans here.”

And then Iria raised her bow and said,

“Ultimately, he probably doesn’t think that there is much difference between human and demihuman. But regardless, we will not abandon Sir Joshua.”

Melk nodded.

“The Fendel Alliance isn’t just for demihumans. There are humans and monsters too. Unlike the Demon King Army.”
“…And I went out of my way to show you mercy… Demihumans really are foolish. Very well then. My real feelings are similar to Kyuby’s… I will just use your corpses to kill even more humans.”

Said the man in the mask. And then he raised one hand in the air, and his body was enveloped in purple light.

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