Royal Magician – 125

Chapter 125 – Night Before The Cheers

Luke had two rooms prepared for him in the lodging house.

One was for him to sleep in.
The other was to contain all of the documents of information he had gathered on his opponents.

Books and bundles of paper were in stacks that nearly reached the ceiling.

“How did you even…”

I was more exasperated than impressed at this point.

The amount of research he did was just madness.
But that was how much he put into this tournament.

To acquire something that was really important.

I didn’t know what that was.
But there was one thing that was clear to me.

‘Listen. I am going to tell you how to do it…”

What I had to do now, was to take this information that Luke had entrusted me with, and win against the Fairy Queen.
That way, all of his hard work would have some meaning in the end.

The undefeated champion of the west.
She had defeated Luke, and her power was real.

But I still believed.
That we could overcome her.

Maybe not alone, but if we were together…
And so with the information that Luke told me, I looked through the pages of the old books.

The spirit magic recorded in the books.
As their structure and systems were different from modern magic, it was not easy to understand them.

However, there was no time to be discouraged.
I had to have fun and immerse myself in it.

This was the magic that I loved.
My feelings towards magic were stronger than anyone’s.

And so I believed…

◇  ◇  ◇

Leticia Risettestone had her back against the door of the document room.

This room, which Luke had acquired, and brought mountains of books into.
After speaking to him, Noelle had gone inside of this room.

She was likely preparing to face her next opponent, Evangeline.

But there was only so much that you could do in one day.
Considering that she would have to fight tomorrow, it would probably be better for her to prioritize getting some rest.

Still, if this was what Noelle chose…
Leticia wanted to support her.

She had seen how much effort that Luke had put into this tournament.
And as their senior, who had allowed them to act recklessly, it was her duty to make them rest.

She listened to what was happening on the other side of the door.
The soft sounds of pages being turned.

They continued deep into the night.

Noelle usually slept at ten o’clock, so this was unusual.

Perhaps she should stop her.
No, just a little longer.

She was conflicted.
But then she heard the light breathing, and quietly opened the door.

Leticia picked up the small figure that slept while leaning forward over the desk.
Took her back to her room, and placed her into her bed.

(For now, was I able to do the bare minimum as their senior?)

She sighed with relief, and then returned to the room with the documents.

It was a mess.
While trying to put everything back in place and organize them, Leticia became lost for words.

(She did this in just half a day…)

What was there, was a new spell to be used against the spirit magic trump card that Evangeline used.
The structure was based on a different idea compared to the anti-magic spell that Luke had made. And while incomplete, she had gone far enough that Leticia could see what her goal was.

(It is too bad that there is not enough time. In order to reach the stage where it could be used, there would need to be experiments and calculations. A normal magician would take several months. Even a Royal Magician would need two weeks at the least.)

“It is quite interesting, isn’t it?”

She suddenly heard the voice by the door.

“I spoke to the others who were awake. I told them that we may have a chance. With our power, we can turn that hard-working junior into the greatest magician in the western continent.”

The Royal Magicians who had accompanied the team.
And Ryan Archbullet was standing in front of them.

“Why don’t we do it? This challenge of supporting her as she faces this great obstacle.”

◇  ◇  ◇

The morning light shone through the curtains.
I woke up and looked at the magic clock, and my heart nearly stopped.

I fell asleep…!?
Damn it! I messed up. This was a disaster!

The magic formula I was working on was still in the beginning stages.
And it would take so much time to finish it!

I was so exasperated by the fact that my intense love for warm beds had made me return to my bed and sleep, without being aware of it. And with that, I flew out of my room.

In any case, I had to do what I could!

I don’t care about fixing my bed hair.
And so I dashed frantically to Luke’s document room.

But when I flew through the door, I was met by a sight that I could never have imagined.

“Because analysis using the undetermined multiplier method is necessary to put this formula structure into an anti-stable state…”
“Can the data from this book be applied? There seems to be a similarity in the structure of the second auxiliary type…”
“The results of the experiment have confirmed that the system is functional! Now we just need to raise the precision for practical use!”

The Royal Magicians were in the room and working on the magic formula that I had started.
They then turned towards me and burst into laughter.

“What’s with your head?”
“Go and wash up. Leave the rest to us.”

I could not believe what I was seeing.
Why were they working on the magic formula that I had been trying to make…?
It was one of the servants from the royal palace who answered my question.

“They became excited at the thought that they could help lead Ardenfeld to victory. Really, I don’t know what to do with these people.”

She covered her mouth and laughed.

“Don’t misunderstand this! We aren’t doing it for you!”
“We’ll get a special bonus if you win. Besides, our reputation will also improve, since we accompanied you!”

They all said lightheartedly.
Ryan was in the center, and continued to work as he said,

“You can leave this to us, Springfield. You think about yourself and prepare.”

He grinned.

“You don’t have to be modest. Just do things as you always do.”

Everyone was working to help me.
That made me happier than anything.

A warmth seemed to spread through my whole body.
They all had my back.

And so I went about my usual routine.
Warmed up and prepared my heart.

The semi-finals of the World Trophy.
And the most powerful opponent stood in my way.

It wasn’t like I didn’t feel scared at all.

However, I was fine.
The courage they gave me turned into strength.

With the magic formula entrusted in me, I would face this enemy.

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