Royal Magician – 138

Chapter 138 – Secret Meeting

It took me a moment to understand Ms. Leticia’s words.

I was a commoner who had not been in the Royal Magicians Order for very long. A private audience with the prince was clearly abnormal.

(Why would one of the most powerful people in the kingdom want with me…?)

I wondered.
But more than anything, an audience with the crown prince was an event of the highest difficulty, and yet I was completely lacking in any skills with manners.

I had been given some basic instructions during the red rose ball, but that was the bare minimum as an attendant.

(Damn it… I am going to fail…)

And so I stood in front of the extravagant door while feeling like a criminal who was about to be executed.

“Go inside, Springfield.”

The kingsguard opened the door.

There was a large room with a dark red carpet.
A lavish sofa.
Paintings decorated the walls, and a magic chandelier cast orange light.

“I’m sorry to have taken up your time, when you are so busy.”

Said the first prince, who sat on the sofa.
He had such a presence and beauty, that it was hard to believe that he was real.
His golden eyes smiled.

“Please, sit.”

I sat down on the sofa carefully, with a sense of fear while paying close attention to my movements.
Perhaps the prince was amused by my nervousness, as he began to chuckle.

“There is no need to become so stiff. You can relax.”
“Th-thank you, Your Highness.”
“It is fine. I will not be angry over your manners. I just want to talk to you, as you always are.”

There was something about his voice that felt different compared to normal people.
Like it entered your head smoothly and reverberated gently inside.
A comfortable sound that you wanted to keep listening to.

It made you want to do what he said.

And before I knew it, I felt myself relaxing.
It was hard to believe that I was so nervous a moment ago.

“Yes. That’s better. Thank you.”

The prince said with a smile.

“Now, the subject at hand. I rate you very highly. But more than that, I think of you fondly.”

I held my breath.
That was so unexpected.

Calm down.
You cannot get this wrong.
Calmly read his intention and reply.

“In other words…”

I chose my words carefully.

“Your Highness has become captivated by my wisdom and beauty, to the point where he cannot help but feel a romantic attraction.”
“Not at all.”
“Oh. I see. Thank goodness.”

I sighed with relief.
According to the romance novels that I have read, it was quite easy for princes to fall in love with girls of common birth.

(And I am overflowing with mature sensuality, so it would have not been too surprising if I accidentally caused the prince to anguish over me.)

Well, at least such a crime had not been committed.

The prince touched his mouth and chuckled.

“I meant merely as someone who uses magic. Ever since you entered the Royal Magicians Order, I have had a great interest in you. Your ability to adapt, and your tenacity. And so your achievements during the World Trophy were no surprise to me. That being said, I did not expect you to be able to match the Spirit Queen so evenly.”
“It was only because Luke and the others helped me.”
“Even still, not many would have been able to do that. And considering your age and the speed of your growth, one wonders how great you will become. And as someone who rates you highly, it is my wish that you be in an environment that does not waste your potential.”

Said the prince.

“The King’s Guard is a special unit that works directly for the royal family. And I want you to join, as an assistant to the Head Magician.”

I was stunned.
The King’s Guard was a special unit that had Adamantite-Rank magicians.
I had only been Mithiril-Rank for a few days, so it was very strange for me to be chosen to be assistant to the Head Magician.

I would be paid more, and given greater responsibilities.
There was no doubt that it was a great opportunity, that I may never get again during the rest of my life.

My heart wavered.
I closed my eyes.

And after a moment of silence, I said,

“Would it be possible for me to refuse?”

The prince looked surprised.

“Will you tell me what your reason is?”
“I am almost too happy with my current job and environment. My superiors treat me very well, and I have nothing but feelings of gratitude towards them. Besides, I have not repaid the one who brought me here.”
“Luke Waldstein.”

The prince stared at me for a moment.

“You cannot stay together forever. I think it’s your fate to go on separate paths.”
“Yes, and that is why this moment, where we can be together as friends, is so important to me.”

There was silence.
It was almost unnatural how quiet it was.

“Indeed. I understand your thoughts on the matter now.”

Said the prince.

“But remember one thing. You are more special than you know. And so if you change your mind, you can come whenever you like. We will be prepared to welcome you.”

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    • I believe the prince feels that would work against what he wants. Right now one of the only things that is keeping Luke from confessing to her is his worries about about what the nobles would say/do to her. If she became a noble, he might get enough courage to tell her how he truly feels. If does, there is no telling if they would stay there or just run off somewhere. If that happened, then the prince would loss the thing he wants the most, something/someone to relieve the boredom in his live.

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