Royal Magician – 126

Chapter 126 – The Fire Within

“It’s packed today as well. Though, there seems to be less excitement compared to yesterday.”

The special spectator booth in the arena.
The man with the signet ring nodded at the butler’s words.

“It is no surprise. While she is interesting enough, expectations would still be higher for Luke Waldstein. At least, that would be how most feel towards Noelle Springfield.”
“The Fairy Queen showed her trump card for the first time yesterday, which was quite a shock. After that, there is little doubt regarding today’s results.”

Said the old butler.

“An environment that is most favorable to her. Ultra rank magic that creates a forest from imagination. And the summoning of numerous powerful spirits. Both things are beyond modern magic techniques.”
“The Ardenfeld magician also appears to grow stronger with every battle. Perhaps she is getting used to magic duels. However, it won’t matter against this opponent.”

Such was the understanding of everyone who came to watch the fight.

Undefeated over the course of three tournaments.
The great champion who never showed weakness, and continued to win with overwhelming strength.

But more than anything, it was the battle with Luke Waldstein, who was considered to be the most promising challenger.
The space creation magic had raised her reputation even further.

This tournament, started by the empire.
On such a world stage, her fame had risen to its peak.

The greatest magician of the west.

It was something that no one could doubt now.

“Hurry up! We’ll have to hurry or it will be over.”
“I wonder how many seconds it will last this time.”
“Don’t look away. This match will be over before you know it.”

The results were clear as day.
Everyone was certain that Evangeline would be victorious.
And so they did not notice the flame that resided in the small magician’s chest.

◇  ◇  ◇

“I wanted to meet you. Did you know? How long I waited for this moment.”

The Fairy Queen said to me right before the fight began.

“I wanted to fight you. Thank you, for persevering, in spite of all the harassment from the nobles who are managing this event.”

She said with a smile.

I rate you very highly. I, the queen of this world, the most powerful and brilliant…have great expectations for you. I hope that you understand what that means.”

Her eyes then suddenly turned cold.

“And I will not forgive you, if you disappoint me.”

The pressure and presence of mana was so strong that I could hardly breathe.
And as soon as the battle started, Evangeline unleashed magic that exceeded my imagination.

There was an abnormal amount of mana, that the air warped around her.
It was compressed to the absolute limit, affecting gravity, crushing the ground and lifting the fragments into the air.

‘Wind Blast.’

The wind magic I had continued to use.
However, its destructive power was completely different.

The only reason why I was able to cast Magic Barrier in time, was because of my experience with the Holy Blade and the king of the dead.

However, it was still not enough.

The magic formula was crushed and scattered.
My vision shook violently.

The impact and confusion.

The pain in my back was so severe that I could not breathe.
In an instant, I was pressed deep into the thick walls at the back of the field.

(She is stronger now compared to when she was facing Luke.)

I realized it then.
Just how much Luke had studied her in order to thoroughly crush her strengths and advantages.

She was on a different level.
The precision and mana levels were so high, that it felt like completely different magic.

(In that case, I’ll use the time acceleration magic that I’m good at…)

‘Spell Boost.’

Now matter how strong a spell was, it wouldn’t matter if it didn’t hit its target.
However, such thoughts were crushed once again.

‘Air Grace.’

By the time I noticed it, it was already too late.
The wind cannon shattered the ground as it scraped my body.

I rolled on the ground like a stone, and my bones creaked as I slammed against the wall.

The speed had been able to match President Cronos’s Spell Boost.

I could not beat her with mana levels.
She also had higher precision.
And even my speed, which I was most confident in, was not enough.

(Well, there is still the strategy with the anti-magic spell that Luke taught me…!)

I knew her weakness.
Her habits when teleporting, and the spells she tends to use in an emergency.

All of Luke’s data was in my head.

Even if she was faster, I could still fight if I read her moves.
And so I did that, and activated the spell.

“Too bad.”

Evangeline said in a cold voice.

“As if something like that would be effective against me.”

The feelings of rocks stabbing my skin.

Looking up from a low angle.

The taste of dirt.

No matter what I did, I couldn’t reach her.
I felt the difference clearly now.

Even with the help of Luke and the others, this wasn’t even a decent fight.

Talent, qualities, mana level, experience. I lack everything.

That’s why I was losing.
Why I couldn’t hold my ground.

It was a reality I didn’t want to accept.
That it was an obstacle too high to overcome.


‘You have no talent. Give up on magic and find another job.’


‘We don’t need you. You’re useless.’
‘I’m sorry, but we cannot hire you.’
‘If we hire you, the mayor’s son will hold a grudge.’


The only thing that would make me despair is if I gave up on the path of magic.

I gave it everything I had, and it still wasn’t enough.
So what?

I was still doing what I loved.
And had the support of such wonderful people.

If this wasn’t happiness, then what was?

I stood up.
And with everything I had built up, I activated the spell.
The structure was simplified, so that it would be faster…

“Yes. You had that.”

In the next instance, Evangeline vanished.
It was the teleportation magic she was so good at.

However, I could still see.

I read her movements and unleashed the wind blades.
A few strands of the beautiful, glossy hair drifted in the air.

“How lovely. You were able to react.”

Said Evangeline.

“Now, show me more. Bring out the monster that is sleeping inside.”

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