Royal Magician – 142

Chapter 142 – Secret Scheme

“Let me go. I have to go.”

The third escape attempt did not go well at all.
Luke Waldstein pondered on it as he was carried back to his hospital room.

(They are reading my movements. It’s as if they know what I’m going to do in advance. It must be Captain Gawain.)

“Please be calm. Right now, it is your duty to rest.”

With a bitter expression, he listened to the words of the magicians who had been given the task of watching over and guarding him.

(I cannot wait here without doing anything. Noelle might be in danger.)

If something were to happen to her…
If he were to lose her…

Just thinking about it made him feel faint.

On top of that, he was also concerned about the actions of the crown prince.

(He is clearly trying to get closer to Noelle. He wants her to join his Kingsguard.)

It was not a bad thing that Noelle was rated so highly by the prince.
However, if she joined the Kingsguard, then she would have to leave the 3rd unit, and could no longer be Luke’s buddy.

And then he could not be by her side.

(In the end, it is just about my own convenience…)

Even if he wished for her happiness more than anything, his emotions were not always so pretty.

Luke let out a deep sigh and thought.

(What is she thinking right now?)

It was shortly after the attack.
She may be very tough mentally, but there would still be some anxiety and fear remaining.

(I wonder if she was able to sleep at night.)

He looked out of the window and thought about her.

(I just hope that she is not taking it too hard.)

◇  ◇  ◇

(Damn. I slept so well last night.)

It was way past the time I had wanted to wake up, and I felt a feeling of guilt as I rubbed at my eyelids.

I had wanted to get up early so that I could treat Ms. Evangeline to something special, since she was my guest.

(We got too excited last night, and stayed up late.)

Ms. Evangeline had never stayed over at a friend’s house before, and so there was much talking and drinking.

We ate edamame, cheese, nuts, sausages, and fried chicken.

And had so much fun with the best national pastime, the magic quiz game.

(More than anything, it was fun to talk about magic. I really related to how she spoke of practicing concealment magic, so that she could eat lunch early without the teacher noticing.)

I smiled when I thought back on the fun time we had.

Apparently, Ms. Evangeline was already up.

(Now that I think about it, my room is really filthy.)

Even on a normal day, the place was about as messy as can be.
But there were now more empty cups, plates and food lying around than usual.

It was a bit of a problem for someone who was supposed to be a refined lady. But I also believed that there was no point in being too hard on yourself.

(I will clean it up later when I feel like it.)

There was no one in the living room.
Perhaps she had gone outside.

I was quite puzzled as I opened the front door, and then was treated to a shocking sight.

“Is it like this?”

Ms. Evangeline was squating in the garden and pulling out weeds.

“Yes, yet, like that. Thank you, Eva. That’s a great help.”

My mother said with a smile.

“Mother, what are you doing!?”
“I was picking some weeds when Eva offered to help. I said that I couldn’t possibly, since she seems like a proper lady, but she insisted. What a good girl. You really could take some lessons from her.”
“No, no. That is not what I’m talking about.”

She is practically a national guest.
That means she is of a similar rank to the king.

“Mo-mother. Don’t you understand? Just look at the clothes and the ears.”
“Yes, I understand she must be from a good house. Of course, dear. I have a good eye for such things.”

My mother said with a confident expression.

“Though, perhaps not too good a house. A low-ranking noble house, I would say. She is in her mid-twenties. As for her ears, is it the latest fashion?”

(This was no good at all… She didn’t understand anything…)

I knew that she was ignorant of some things due to being raised in the countryside, but to this degree…

“Mother, she is…”

But before I could finish, I noticed that Ms. Evangeline had raised a finger to her lips.

And so after a moment of thought, I pulled her away from my mother and whispered.

“Are you sure? She doesn’t have a clue who you are.”
“It is fine. Besides, I wanted to help her in the garden.”

Said Ms. Evangeline.

“I’ve lived as a queen for so long. So I just thought it would be nice to spend some time as a normal girl.”

Those words reminded me of a romance novel that I read a long time ago.

It was about a queen who escaped from the castle and lived as a common girl for one day in a foreign city.

As Ms. Evangeline had lived as a queen for thousands of years, she must have endured many things.

Perhaps she had given up.

This incredibly simple wish of ‘I want to spend some time as a normal girl.’

…That mase me want to help make that wish come true!

“Ms. Evangeline, do you have any plans for today?”

And so I whispered to her the idea that had come to my mind.

“Why don’t we go out into the city? In secret. We can just be normal girls.”

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  1. everyone: poor Noelle, she probably can’t sleep after the attack
    Noelle: I slept so good that I overslept!
    It is so much like her, that I am surprised others didn’t think about her being her usual merry self…

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