Seisan Mahoushi – 155

Chapter 155 – A Necromancer!?

Just as I saw the purple light flash, two arrows were shooting towards Yomotsu, the man in the mask.

Iria and Mette had already unleashed their arrows.

But Yomotsu raised one hand and stopped them.

“Hmm… I now see why Kyuby couldn’t deal with you.”

So he used Magic Shield, just like me. And he was clearly very skilled.

“We will also have to go all out then… Come out, Undead Dragon!”

There was a flash of purple light, and then the surrounding skeletons suddenly flew up into the air.

They gathered together like a tornado, and then took on a certain shape.

“Is that… A skeleton dragon!?”

A dragon of bones had appeared in the sky.

It wasn’t the skeleton from a corpse, but the result of bones gathering to make that shape. And so I wasn’t sure if it could be called a skeleton dragon.

Yomotsu also shook his head.

“This is no skeleton dragon. It is a bone armor dragon.”
“Bone armor dragon?”
“A dragon made with my bone armor arts. But it’s too soon to be surprised… Bone armor!!”

He said, and then the bones in the area began to gather again. They were moving towards Yomotsu, who was on top of the roof.

Once the bones had gathered around him, they started to take the shape of gigantic armor. Not just armor, there was a sword made of bones.

Furthermore, the other surrounding bones were being resurrected as skeletons. And before we knew it, there were hundreds of them around us again.

I turned to Yomotsu, who was wearing armor twice his height, and said,

“I’ve never heard or seen this kind of necromancy before.”
“Do not compare me to those other necromancers. This corpse art was invented by the Demon King himself. It allows you to envelop yourself in extra magic energy.”

Yomotsu said, and then he jumped down from the roof.

At the same time, the bone armor dragon descended as well.

An unknown enemy and unknown magic.
Perhaps this magic was less about summoning undead, but more about controlling them.
If that was the case, even if I crushed a part of them, it would probably just fill up with more bones. Just like how Golems could regenerate with rocks after taking damage. On top of that, it sounded like it enhanced their magic energy as well.

So the skeletons had not been made with normal necromancy either. In that case, we might want to reconsider killing Yomotsu. Because it was possible that the skeletons would continue to move after he was dead.

In any case, I told the others my plan.

“Mette. Can you take on that dragon?”
“Leave it to me. I can take it down with one shot of my club.”
“That’s good to hear. But first, find out how the enemy fights. And Iria, you deal with Yomotsu. And if possible, try to take him alive.”

Iria said as she unsheathed her sword.

“As for everyone else, we will take on the surrounding skeletons while supporting the others. Defense is first.”
“You want to figure out how to attack?”

Asked Melk. ‘Exactly,’ I answered.

“Hmm. In that case, I will go first!”

Yomotsu said, and then with an earth-shattering roar, the bone armor skeleton charged towards us.

“I know that I can’t criticize others, but that sure is reckless!”

Mette raised her club and started to run towards the dragon.

And then the bone armor dragon raised its giant arms.


Mette shouted, and with one hit, shattered the bone dragon.

The shards of bones went flying towards the temple. The pieces began to return to the form of a dragon, but Mette shattered it again. However, they continued to return to dragon shape… It continued on and on.

“…Tsk! This thing can’t be defeated!”

Mette raised her voice.
As for Yomotsu, his voice was shaking.

“What… It is so big, but it’s a one-sided attack… Ah!”

Yomotsu quickly turned around.

Iria was already behind and raising her sword.


Yomotsu quickly moved away.

However, most of the bones that had been enveloping him had now been peeled off. With a speed that the eye could not follow, Iria had cut them off.

Yomotsu then started to gather the bones around him again, but he had to move away quickly. Because Iria would chase after him and cut off the bones.

“Tsk! I can’t lower my guard! I never thought that the bones could be cut down so easily!”
“Sir Joshua made this blade for me, and there is nothing that it cannot cut!”

Yomotsu used his bone sword to block Iria’s slash attacks, but the repairing of his armor could not match her speed. And so he created a new bone sword, and would probably change to that if he had to.

Furthermore, while the bone armor dragon was regenerating, it also became smaller every time Mette destroyed it.

As for the rest of us, we continued to defeat the surrounding skeletons.

Mostly, Asuha was using wind magic to keep them at bay, while Ylis used her sword to get any who slipped passed, and Melk used her magic.

However, Yomotsu continued to revive the skeletons.

“Tsk. They keep coming back.”

Ylis said as she raised her shield. Her face and hair were covered in sweat.

“We can’t…just continue on like this. Because unlike them, we shall become tired.”
“What should we do? I think we might have to defeat Yomotsu after all…

As Ylis said, we had to do something about Yomotsu.

However, currently, no one was able to help Iria as she fought against Yomotsu.

And to make matters worse, reinforcement skeletons were coming from the plaza.

“There must be nearly a thousand. With so many of them coming… We can’t… Ah, I had that thing.”

I recalled something I had saved in magic workshop. The bombs that Ymir and the dwarves had made.

“Asuha! Light this and throw it into the skeletons!”

Asuha received the bomb from me and then threw it at a place that was crowded with skeletons.

There was a deafening sound and shaking as the skeletons were blown away.

Compared to the number of fallen skeletons, Yomotsu was not able to revive them at the same speed.

Eventually, Mette crushed the bone armor dragon completely, and then went to support Iria.

“Princess Iria!”
“I’ll leave it to you!”

Iria and Mette began to rush towards Yomotsu from both sides.

And then Iria passed his right, while Mette passed his left.

And then his bone armor crumbled away completely.

Mette had crushed them with her club.

On the other hand, Iria had ropes in her hands. And she was now wrapping the rope around Yomotsu’s body.

“He is secured!”

Mette quickly pushed Yomotsu to the ground.
And then Iria bound his hands and feet.

While the skeletons tried to help Yomotsu, the rest of us stopped them.
And now that Yomotsu could not move, the skeletons did not revive.

“The skeletons are all defeated now…”

And like that, we had succeeded in capturing Yomotsu.

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    • He’s a support character first and foremost, while hes starting to add new tricks they’re focused on utility an not offense so he doesn’t do much besides enable everyone else. The main issue is it’s been pointed out in world that he’s likely got the same level of power as the Demon King and if he’d just accept that and work with it he’d be a much greater force but Crafter/support wizard gonna do.

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