Seisan Mahoushi – 191

Chapter 191 – Babysitting!

And so we took the fox cubs with us and returned to Fendel Village.

The Tengu and Nowa tribe would continue to keep watch around Noir Village.

I hoped that they would find the remaining killer worms, or other foxfolk.


As for the fox cubs we rescued, they had regained their calm for the most part.

That being said, they all looked a little frightened. Perhaps it was because they wanted their parents or family.

“I shall build a house. The rest of you, please watch over them in the meantime.”

There were about eighty fox children in total. The hole had been quite big, and there had been more in when we looked inside.

Some were so scared that they refused to come out.
Apparently, they had been told to stay there until their family came to fetch them.

There had been food in the hole, so perhaps the others really had meant to return.

However, we had yet to find the adult foxfolk.

But as there was now a watch tower near the hole, and since the Nowa tribe and Tengu were there, someone should have noticed if the foxfolk returned.

“Alright, the house is ready.”

For now, I had made a simple, one-story building that was filled with blankets made from Mope wool.

“Baaahhh! Let’s go inside! There are blankets!”

Celes shouted. She and the other Mopes were carrying many of the fox cubs in their wool. I suppose it was comfortable.

There was one on my shoulder as well.

And so I picked it up and petted it.

It squeaked and looked quite pleased. It was very cute. Its fur was smooth, like Melk and the werewolves.

I would have liked to keep petting it…but I was also anxious about the killer worms and the other fox folk.
And so I would leave the rest to the villagers here, so that I could return to the east.

However, this one would not move away from me… What to do…

Just then, Melk muttered.

“Milina. Watch with siblings.”
“Huh? But…”
“Make fox cubs calm, and go into house.”
“Uh, okay.”

And then Milina let out a howl.

And then…the other foxfolk, her siblings, appeared.

“Sister. Where did they come from?”
“There are so many who are like us!”

Milina’s siblings could not hide their surprise when they saw that there were so many other fox children like them.

“We’re going to look after them. Inside of the house. Can you do it?”

Milina asked, and the others nodded.

After that, Milina’s siblings played with the other foxes as if to distract them and help them relax. It was very cute to see.

As they were the same species, they got along immediately. And more of them followed Milina and her siblings’ voices, and went into the house.

Iria, who stood next to me, sighed with relief when she saw this.

“They really are used to this… Ah.”

She suddenly noticed something. Up ahead, there was a wide-eyed fox… It was Yomotsu.


And so Melk answered him.

“Probably same tribe as Yomotsu. Found in the east.”
“Were in trouble. And so brought back here.”

Upon hearing these words from Melk, Yomotsu called out to Milina and her siblings.

“All of you! Get away! Do not go close to them!”
“Fa-father? What’s the matter? There are so many that are like us.”

Milina said with a puzzled expression. Her brothers and sisters were also confused.

“They are… They tormented me…no, your mother…and had her banished!”
“The-these children?”

Milina looked at the fox cub that she was holding.

However, Melk immediately answered.

“Milina, continue. Yomotsu must be speaking about the parents.”
“They are all the same! Milina! We must not help their tribe!”

Yomotsu’s voice rang angrily.

He had seemed so weak, but upon seeing the foxfolk children, he became consumed by rage.

In other words, something had happened between their tribe and Yomotsu.

But Milina and her siblings were at a loss.

And then Melk said,

“Milina. Watch the children. Or no dinner.”
“Uh, okay… Father. I don’t understand, but…”

Milina understood that they were still prisoners at the end of the day.

Besides, they did not seem to know about Yomotsu and their mother’s past.

It was then that Mette opened her mouth.

“That has nothing to do with the children. Whether they are children of slave hunters or the Demon King. We have to help them.”
“How idealistic and naive… You do not understand anything about us!”

Yomotsu said. And then Iria answered.

“I won’t say that I don’t understand how you feel. But you cannot force your will onto us. This is Fendel. This is our village.”

At this, Yomotsu closed his mouth.

After that, Milina and her siblings continued to take care of the fox children.

As for Yomotsu, he went off somewhere.

It seemed like he held a grudge against the parents.

“Iria…I will go and talk to him.”
“Then I will go with you.”

And so we went after Yomotsu.

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