Ossan Boukensha – 101

Chapter 101: F-Rank Quest

“Mr. Ajifu, welcome to Suelbur. I’ve heard about you.”

Said the receptionist at the Adventurers Guild when I submitted my plate.
I suppose when it came to her line of work, you would have heard the rumors.

“It-it would help me greatly if you didn’t talk about that to anyone.”

I answered, and she tilted her head in puzzlement. Her blonde hair swayed on her shoulders.

“Oh? But it really is not anything embarrassing?”

“I will probably be here for some time. And I don’t care for others to have preconceived notions of me.”

“I understand. I will tell the others to do the same then.”

She answered politely as she processed the Adventurer’s plate. I was glad to see how understanding she was.

“Here you are. I am Miyor, by the way. If you will be accepting quests in this town, I would be happy if you remember me.”

She said with a smile as she handed the plate back. Well, now I had no choice but to choose her counter. She really did know what she was doing.

“Thank you. Oh, there was actually something I was wondering.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“Is there anywhere in this town where I can meet elves?”

“Amernisus elves? They do not visit this town very often. However, there is one elf living in Nanaze, which is the closest village to here.”

Miyor then stood up and left the counter. She walked over to the quest board and tore off a sheet and returned.

Antidote Herb Gathering
Rank: F
1 Bundle: 6 coppers
10 leaves is a bundle. Price may change depending on condition.
50 bundles for quest completion.
Nanaze village.

“This person. Antidote herbs are rare in that area, and so this request is put out regularly. However, the Suelbur Guild also has a fixed quest that pays 5 coppers, so hardly anyone accepts this one.”

So these get ignored, huh? No Adventurer would go all of the way to a neighboring village just for one extra copper. It made sense.

“If you are going to Mezerir, and accept this quest, the guild will be able to offer some support.”

I wanted to see an elf, and they wanted to get this quest dealt with. And if I had this, I would not be rejected at the village. It seemed like a good idea.

“So there aren’t many antidote herbs around Nanaze village? If you tell me where I can find them, then I might accept it.”

“I hear that there is a decent amount growing in the forest north of this town. Though, it’s no treasure trove.”

“That’s fine. I will accept it then.”

And so I accepted the quest and then left the Suelbur guild. It had been a long time since I last gathered herbs. And fifty bundles would be time consuming. I should probably decide on an inn first, and then start working tomorrow morning.

I then went to an inn that the guild recommended, as they had a stable. I tied Mulze in front of the building that had a sign reading, ‘Young Leaf Gidodof Inn.’ And I opened the door.


When I stepped inside, a cheerful voice greeted me.

A little boy was sitting at the reception counter. I suppose he was holding the fort.

“Hey. I want a room to stay in. Is that alright?”

“Please wait one moment!”

He answered cheerfully and then ran to the back. After a moment, I heard a door open and he came back with a woman who appeared to be his mother.

“Sorry to keep you waiting. My husband is out at the moment.”

“I don’t mind. I would like a room for today and tomorrow, as well as breakfast, dinner and a spot in the stables for my horse.”

“The room and meals will be four silvers, and then one extra for the stable. Is that alright?”

“Yes, that is fine.”

I paid and then was guided to my room. When I went down to the dining hall for dinner, the husband had returned. He was a little short and looked like a kind fellow.

The next day, I left Mulze at the inn and spent the morning walking to the forest to the north. It was not far enough to go by horse, and gathering was easier on foot anyway.
There were hardly any herbs to gather near the edge of the forest that was close to the town. And so I had no choice but to go deep into the forest.

While I hadn’t gathered for a long time, the work was not so troublesome. If anything, it was rather relaxing to walk through the forest while gathering herbs. However, I realized that then that feeling would only last as long as I didn’t encounter any monsters.


I swung my sword, cutting down the rapid hopper that shot towards me. And then I continued my gathering.

But in spite of such feelings, the more dense the area became with monsters, the more herbs there were to gather. There were other varieties, but I didn’t take them this time.

And so I continued to gather while defeating weak monsters, and managed to have enough just a little past midday. I put all of the bundles in a sack and made my way back to town.

But just as I was nearing the edge of the forest, I heard someone shouting. I quickened my step to see what it was. Apparently, there was a battle going on. Upon approaching, I saw that two Adventurers were facing a single goblin.

However, the Adventurers were quite young. One wielded a shortsword and was keeping the goblin in check. The other had something like a hunting knife.

“Are you alright?”

It was just one goblin. But I decided to make sure from a distance.
The Adventurer with the knife raised his hand in reply, and then moved away from the goblin.
And then the followup attack with the short sword went in. There was very little skill in any of it. However, it still hit the goblin in the shoulder. Blood poured, and the goblin was knocked to the ground.
The Adventurer then moved forward and raised his blade to finish him off. But it did not go well.


The goblin rolled on the ground and swung its club at the Adventurer’s legs.


It struck him in the leg as he tried to step forward and swing. And like that, the Adventurer fell. The goblin took the opportunity to rise up and attack the fallen Adventurer.

“I won’t let you!”

The other Adventurer swung with his knife and slashed at the goblin’s head.


After being slashed, the goblin held its face and jumped back, and then turned around and tried to escape. However…I was standing its path while wielding Mine Breaker. Our eyes met, and the goblin stopped.


Not missing the opening, the boy Adventurer stabbed the goblin in the back with his knife.


There was a brief cry, and then the goblin collapsed to the ground.

“Are you hurt?”

The two Adventurers panted as they sat down on the ground.

“I-I am fine. But Rowar…”

“Here, let me see.”

One of the boy’s was holding his leg. He had been hit where there was no armor protecting him, however, the bone was not broken at least. Though, there could be cracks.

“This is special. Mei-lei-mote-sei Heal.”

I put my hand over the leg and cast Heal.

“Tha-thank you.”

“You lowered your guard too much just because there was only one goblin. Why would you raise your sword like that when your opponent is on the ground? You were wide open. Your swings were also unstable. You need to go back and learn to properly grip and swing.”

I said while standing. It was unsolicited advice, but it could help.

“I’m sorry…”

“You don’t have to apologize to me. Just don’t get hurt next time.”

Perhaps I had sounded a little too harsh, as he looked crestfallen. Maybe I should have just not said anything. But even if they were strangers, I would not want them to die because of advice not given. I had helped by healing him, and had a right to give my opinion.

I raised my hand at the two young Adventurers, and continued on my way, deep in thought.

The forest ended quickly after that. They were quite unlucky to have encountered a monster so near the forest entrance. I returned to the town and inn, and told them that I would be leaving tomorrow morning.

I had heard that the elves lived secluded, but judging by what I heard in Suelbur, the rumors were an understatement. But out of all of the elves I had met up until now, none had shone any dislike towards humans. So what reason did they have for their country being so closed off?

Well, I hoped that Nanaze village would have some answers.

I suppose I had become excited with expectation. And there was a lot on my mind, and so I had trouble sleeping that night.

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