Seisan Mahoushi – 192

Chapter 192 – Dissuaded!?

Yomotsu had headed to the northern gate.

As he was being monitored by the Tengu at all times, it would not be easy for him to escape. Besides, he could no longer use magic.

We followed him up to the top of the gate, and found him sitting there while staring to the north.

“Are you waiting for Kyuby?”

I asked.

“Heh… He would never come to help me. He is much too busy for that.”
“Doing what?”
“Do you really think I would say?”

And then there was silence.

Using weapons to threaten him would not make him talk. Iria seemed to understand this as well, as she did not move.

“I won’t ask you about that anymore. However, can you tell me about the foxfolk?”
“Why do you want to know?”
“We cannot find their parents. I think that it might be due to the killer worms that have appeared to the east.”
“Killer worms?”

Yomotsu seemed a little surprised by my words.

“So they weren’t sent by you?”
“…Who can say.”

Upon hearing those words, Iria unsheathed her sword.

But Yomotsu did not flinch. It was as if he was daring Iria to kill him if she could.

And so I said to him,

“Who can say? Judging by what you said earlier, you clearly have a grudge against those foxfolk. So it would not be strange if it was you.”
“Indeed… I spoke without thinking. That was careless of me.”

There was something like trembling in Yomotsu’s voice. As if he were holding back his anger.

Eventually, he continued.

“The children have nothing to do with it. That is true… Well, can I ask you something?”
“What will you do with my children, after I am dead?”
“If they wish to stay here, no one will reject them. We will not hand them over to the Demon King.”

I had originally meant for Yomotsu and his children to be used in negotiations with the Demon king.
However, it was a different story, now that we knew they did not wish to return. And so we would not send them back.

“I see… Surprisingly, Milina and the others seem quite comfortable with our life here.”

Yomotsu said, looking a little relieved.

I suppose he understood that we would not be prejudiced against them, even if they were children of an enemy.

I think he understood that even if he didn’t like it, Fendel was not a bad place for his children.

“You won’t care for them yourself?”
“I am a failure as a parent. And yet, I must do my duty as one. So they can live happily… That was her dying wish. Unlike me… That was all she cared about.”

Yomotsu muttered as if talking to himself, while looking up at the moon.

Yomotsu hated the other foxfolk. And he wanted revenge on humans and demihumans. However, his wife had only wanted for their family to be happy.

“Yomotsu. It is not my place to say this, as I’m not family. However, do you really think your children would be happy without you?”
“Of course, they would be happier. I’ve been dragging them along with me all of this time. They must hate me.”
“No, that’s not true. They came to help you when you were caught… Milina and the others want you to be close by.”

Back in the northern royal capital, Yomotsu’s children had tried to save him. Even after their plan failed, and it was clear that rescue was impossible, they had still jumped out.

Yomotsu did not answer.

“…In the first place, if you died, you would not know if they are happy or not. I do not know what you, Kyuby, or the Demon King are trying to do. But Fendel may not be a safe place forever. We do not know what the humans will do next.”

If Yomotsu believed that Fendel would always be a safe place, then he would have argued back.

However, he did not answer.

In other words, considering how things were going, Fendel would be in danger once again.

“…In any case, do not die. Milina and the others need you. She said that it was good that you got away from the Demon King’s army.”
“…Milina said that?”
“Aye. Just like how you want them to be happy, they also want you to be happy. And so do not think of such strange things.”

I said, and then decided to leave.

If he tried to do anything strange, the guards would stop him.

However, as I left, Yomotsu muttered.

“…Are you going to go and help the foxfolk?”
“I intend to.”
“Foxfolk, regardless of which tribe, are very conservative. Also if there are killer worms…do not lower your guard.”

He was saying that it was not him who had unleashed them.

Also, that there were other enemies as well. Probably, there was something like a boss there.

“I’m grateful for the warning. You could help us too, you know?”
“The Demon King is one person I would not draw my bow against. While you saved my life…the Demon King alone…”

He seemed quite conflicted. And so I would not force him.

Just then, a single, giant sheep…Celes, climbed up the wall.

“Baaahhh! Two defectors of the Demon King army, talk through the night!”
“Ms. Celes… I don’t think…”

Iria said with a frown.

Celes, or the Mopes in general, could be rather clamorous. And so they were sometimes very tiring to be around.

However, tonight, I would be grateful to have someone nearby.

“Thank you, Celes. You don’t need to talk about anything serious.”
“Bahh! Celes does not like serious talk. I shall tell him about my favorite spots in Fendel.”

So saying, Celes sat down next to Yomotsu and though one-sided, talked lengthily to him.

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