10th Year – 33

Part 3 – Chapter 2: A Well-ripened Quest

Apparently, Rokuk was famous in Fangaro.
Passersby and shopkeepers who saw him walking with the trio looked on in surprise.
And while none of them said anything to him, the expressions on their faces were both of fear and respect.

“I’m an Adventurer that is officially and directly supported by Fangaro.”
“You really made it in life then. Congratulations.”

Tor commended him as he glanced at Rokuk’s giant magitec arm.
If he was officially backed by Fangaro, then without a doubt, his prey would be magitec beasts. Not only that, but the requests that came to him would be for especially dangerous ones.

“No, I’m solo just like you, Tor. And so it’s B. And I don’t rank in the hierarchy either.”
“Surely Fangaro would introduce you to a party if you wanted. Did you reject them?”
“I have my reasons. But thanks to this arm, I have an easy enough time even while solo.”

Rokuk said as he raised the magitec arm.
Euphie looked up at him.

“That is a very big magitec arm. It almost seems too big for someone to be able to move it with their own magic energy.”

After the incident with Magic Centipede, Euphie had some knowledge about magitec arms. And so Rokuk patted his arm and explained.

“You’re right about that. This is a new battle-type magitec arm, called an over parts. It was developed about five years ago. There’s this technique where they can transplant metal parts and highly pure magic stones from large magitec beasts, into humans. And due to using magic stones of such high purity, they are able to output much more energy than most magitec arms. And they also have little gimmicks that come from the magitec beast.”
“You used to have an arm. Did a monster get it?”
“No, it was a magitec beast. I think it was about seven years ago. I got promoted to C-Rank and became quite reckless. It got both of my arms. It’s actually a miracle that I survived.”

Rokuk scratched his cheek awkwardly. But thanks to the over parts, he did not feel too much regret over it.

“After getting the magitec arm in Fangaro and working, I became B-Rank five years ago. And so they asked if I wanted to try on their new prototype. And so I’ve been using it ever since. I’m the original user.”
“Huh. If that’s the case, you must know a skilled magitec master?”

The reason that they had come to Fangaro was to purchase a magitec car. And so it would be great if they could talk to someone who could give them advice on maintenance.
Rokuk had a few candidates which he relayed to Tor.

“There are three that the guild will recommend. Also, if you go to the magitec guild, they will also introduce you to someone who fits your requirements. Also, there is someone I wouldn’t recommend, in spite of their skill, but… Ah, here we are. I have some work to do here, so just wait a moment. You have to make a report here anyway, don’t you, Tor?”
“Aye. We can meet up later.”

And so they entered the Adventurers Guild building and Rokuk ran up to the second floor. That was where the manager’s office was.
Euphie and Mailey scanned the floor until they found the reception desk.

“Let’s go, Mr. Tor.”
“Should we sell the magic stones? Or should we save them for fuel for the magitec car?”

Mailey asked as she took out the magic stones. After thinking it over….

“We’ll sell them to pay for our inn.”

Tor had determined that they could easily acquire this amount of magic stones later, and so he told the twins to convert them into money.
Tor saw the twins head to the material conversion area, and then he went to the reception desk.
He submitted his Adventurer identification and told them that he meant to stay for some time. And as he filled in the form he was given, the twins returned. One of the staff was also with them.

“Mr. Tor, do you have a minute?”
“The guild wants to know about the magictec beast that appeared. The type and location.”
“Just give me a minute, I’m almost finished with this.”

He submitted the form and turned to look at the guild worker, who had a question sheet.
The guild worker bowed.

“I’m sorry to disturb you. But I heard that you encountered a magitec beast on the town road. What location was it exactly?”
“Do you have a map?”

Tor looked at the map and pointed at the area. The guild worker wrote something down and continued to question him.

“And what kind of magitec beast was it?”
“A sniper-type Shell Hound. It was alone.”
“A sniper-type. That might be bad.”

Muttered the guild worker. Euphie and Mailey opened their mouths at the same time.

“Is this an unusual occurrence?”
“Well, uh, no, quite the opposite. It happens during this season. Some might even consider it a bonus.”

The guild worker did not look too worried, much to the confusion of the twins.

From the perspective of material distribution, having monsters and magitec beasts appear on the roads was a serious problem. Not only that, but due to the magitec beasts, the areas around Fangaro could not produce their own food, and so they relied on it being imported from outside. If the roads were blocked, then the people would starve.
And even if Fangaro had a lot of high-ranking Adventurers working for it, it was not a situation they should take lightly.

Still, the guild worker chuckled.

“Near the ruins, there are facilities that seem to be manufacturing the magitec beasts. We send Adventurers there to destroy them, but the magitec beasts repair them eventually. And once they are finished, the magitec beasts increase and appear on the roads again. And so the Adventurers must be sent out. And the cycle repeats.”
“You can’t destroy them permanently?”
“We cannot. When Fangaro was first founded, many Adventurers were hired in order to hunt down all of the magitec beasts and destroy the facilities. However, magitec beasts would just come from other lands and repair them.”

It was just how things were. And so the guild worker talked about it as if it was some natural phenomenon.
It must really be normal for the Fangaro people. However, as the twins did not know much about magitec beasts, they could not understand the feeling.
Once the questioning was finished, Tor was asked to sign his name.

“By the way, what is your purpose for coming to Fangaro?”

Mailey answered the guild worker.

“We want to buy a magitec car. Do you know of a good place?”
“A magitec car? There are stores that sell them to the east, but as they are expensive, there are not many available. You will probably have to tell them what you want and buy option parts. In any case, I think it is best that you go there in person.”

They thanked the guild worker for this kind answer, and then Rokuk returned from the second floor.
The guild worker must have become nervous after seeing Rokuku, as his back suddenly straightened.

“Is something the matter, Sir Rokuku?”
“Don’t call me ‘sir.’ Tor is just an old friend. I was thinking about showing him around Fangaro.”
“Ah, I see! Uh, these three say that they are searching for a magitec car.”

Rokuk looked slightly troubled by the gaze of complete respect that he got from the guild worker.
He then glanced at the quest board and then turned to Tor as if to escape.

“About the skilled magitec master. There is someone who I wouldn’t recommend, in spite of their skill. Look at the quest board.”

Rokuk said as he pulled Tor by the arm. He then pointed at one of the requests.
Upon seeing it, the eyes of the twins seemed to shine as they looked up at Tor.

“This one looks very interesting!”
“You may say that, but…”

Tor was puzzled as to why a request like this was even on the quest board in the Adventurers Guild.
He looked over to Rokuk, but he just shrugged.

“While they are probably the best magitec master in Fangaro, they will not even talk to you unless you accept this. Apparently, they hate people and are as stubborn as a golem.”

If Rokuku, who fought at the frontlines with a magitec arm said so, then it must be true.
This is what the request sheet said.

‘Requesting information on a certain metal lost item. Aluminum.’

It was written in English.

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