My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 461

Confirming our plans for the forest

“Bah, it is nothing to worry about. Not only can we buy Loe at a price lower than at the market, but we may save some soldiers as well. Of course, you must tell us in advance next time, understand?”
“Indeed. We are still thinking about how much to store at each location, and when to send them. And so when we are ready, I will tell you the number we need and the date they will be delivered.”
“I understand…”

I really did feel bad about it.
Even if he was the duke, it wasn’t like he had infinite money.
And while they would eventually sell some of the Loe and make a profit, that wouldn’t be for awhile.

It was like an investment… And as the lord of these lands, things had to go according to a schedule. I didn’t want them to owe a debt or end up losing money.
I would have to think more before making herbs… Especially because of the contract. I suppose being able to make them easily had made me get carried away.

“Well then, we will discuss the matter of the Loe later, Mr. Takumi.”
“Mmm. So that matter is settled. …But since we still have some time left, I will tell you about tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow…do you mean plans for the forest?”

After we finished talking about the Loe, Mr. Ekenhart looked around the room and checked the time.
We still had to wait a little longer before dinner.

“As for who will be going, it is you, me, Leo and Tilura.
“Yes. As for the butlers, I shall go, along with one other. And there will also be two maids.”
“Mmm. And the guards… I believe it will be the same three who went with Claire and Mr. Takumi last time?”
“Yes. Phillip, Nicholas and Johanna accompanied us.”

First, we confirmed the personnel who would be going.
Sebastian and one other butler would be coming as well.
I suppose there were more because of Mr. Ekenhart.
I didn’t know which maids would come, but last time it was just Ms. Lyra, while there would be two this time.
I suppose that would make things easier, as Ms. Lyra had to cook all by herself, which seemed like a lot of work.

“I see, those three. In that case, since there are more people this time, there should be four?”
“No, since most of the people cannot fight, there should be five. Even Leo there, and it being the second time, we should take every precaution.”
“I see. Well, I will leave it to you then.”

As Phillip, Nicholas and Johanna had experience in the forest, they were automatic additions. And though our purpose was different this time, they knew the terrain, so I was glad to have them with us.

“And just like last time, we will head to the forest, and then make our way to the river, where we will set up camp. And we will search for orcs on the following day.”
“Mmm. Well, we might encounter orcs on the way, but that should be fine for the first day. Even if fighting them is our purpose, there is no need to rush.”
“Yes. Even if we see orcs on the way there, we will let Leo or the guards deal with them.”

It would take time to travel, and energy as well.
As we were going to camp near the river, there would be a decent amount of walking…
And Tilura was not used to fighting in a forest, where trees could get in the way… It was the same with me.

“Unlike the previous time, there is no need for exploration. We only need to search for orcs. And lure them towards us.”
“That is fine. There is no need to go too deep into the forest. We can just lure them into an open area. While you should also experience fighting them among the trees… Well, it depends on Tilura. We will see how she does.”
“Um… What about me?”
“I’m sure you could do either one, Mr. Takumi. After all, you fought people in a cramped building before. Even if they were likely weaker than orcs. But the decision is yours, just like Tilura. But I think you will be fine.”
“Fighting in a building is surely very different from fighting in a forest… But I will do my best.”

I understood why they would provoke and lure the orcs towards us.
As it would be her first battle, and in unfamiliar terrain, they would want Tilura to fight in an open space. But since they didn’t say anything about me, I asked Mr. Ekenhart, and he said he was not worried about me.
Indeed, I had once fought three men with weapons inside of a small store. And so you could say I was experienced in fighting in small spaces and with obstacles in the way.
But it wasn’t exactly the same, I didn’t think it was enough. Still, I would trust Mr. Ekenhart, since he said I should be fine.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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