My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 378

I Asked Why Leo Was Angry

“Mama was angry…because I got hurt!”
“…Now that you mention it, how did you get hurt?”

Once Leo’s anger had subsided, my mind had been full of the need to treat Liza’s injury.
But after that was done, I had to think about the people in the town, and talking to Leo… And so I had forgotten about asking the reason.
I supposed it showed how much I had lost my cool as well.

“Lyra, what happened?”
“Yes… It was when Lady Liza was showing her new clothes to good Leo…”

Ms. Lyra had been with Liza, so she would know what had happened.

“She was very happy as she showed off the new clothes. And good Leo was also quite happy.”

I couldn’t help but smile as I imagined the scene.

“Aside from me, Nicholas and Johanna were also there and watching. But then good Leo seemed to discover something, as she turned her head.”
“Is that right, Leo?”

Leo was still having her belly rubbed, but she nodded.

“Right after that, I heard the voice of a young man who was shouting. And then a rock came flying.”
“Shouting and then a rock…”
“Yes. It sounded like ‘You monster!’ It was going towards Liza. But it was so sudden that Johanna and I could not react in time. And then one of the rocks hit… Oh, I am so sorry. It was our fault for not watching her more closely…”

So someone had called Liza a monster and threw a rock at her… I had seen someone familiar when running. Could it be…
As I thought about it, Ms. Lyra bowed her head and apologized.

“No, there is no need for that, Ms. Lyra. The only person to blame is the person who threw the rock.”
“Still, we should have anticipated such a thing. Not just for Lady Liza, but also to protect you and Lady Claire…”

Ms. Lyra bit her lip and looked quite troubled.
Well, while I didn’t expect such things from her, the other two were guards, so they probably should be cautious of such incidents.

“Raise your head, Lyra. There is no point in moping about what has passed now. You can think about what you should have done once we returned to the mansion.”
“Yes, Lady Claire.”

Ms. Claire talked to Lyra in a firm voice.
While I didn’t blame her at all…I suppose it was different because they were servants to nobles.
Perhaps I would have to talk to Ms. Claire later. I didn’t want Ms. Lyra to be punished over it…

“In any case, what about this person who threw the rock?”
“I do not know. The voice was not familiar, and he was hidden in the crowd. And that is when good Leo…”
“Ah, that is when Leo became angry.”

As Leo had seen it happen, she was angry and about to pounce on the culprit.
I nodded with satisfaction at this explanation, but Leo looked at me with alarm. I suppose she thought I was going to scold her again.

“Yes. It was very… I could feel a kind of pressure, and could not move…”

Ms. Lyra looked towards Leo as she recalled the moment.
I had felt it as soon as I left the store.
What was that… Something from Leo had weighed down on me… It was a strange feeling.
But I wasn’t scared, because it was Leo.

Of course, it was different with everyone else.
In any case, thanks to that, no one around us had been able to move.
Also, Leo’s fur had been shining a little… Perhaps it was also reflecting the sunlight. But it seemed prettier than usual.

“Leo. What was that?”
“Wu-wuff? Wuff-wuff… Wuff.”

According to Leo, she did not understand it herself. But she was angry and her whole body had been tense.
Perhaps when Silver Fenrirs become tense like that, it results in some kind of phenomenon…
It must be related to magic energy.

Well, if Leo didn’t understand it, then it would be very difficult to explain.
But I would just assume that it was something that Silver Fenrirs could do.
I then related this to Ms. Lyra and Ms. Claire.
Because they were not able to understand Leo.

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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