My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World – 379

The Culprit Was Someone From The Slums

“I see… Good Leo… Um, Silver Fenrirs. I now understand why humans are no match for them.”
“Indeed. Even well-trained guards like Nicholas and Johanna were unable to move.”

It was the same with me… I could barely move at all.
Every step felt incredibly heavy as I tried to make my way towards Leo.
The only reason that I made it in time was that Leo was charging up her energy…
So in a way, it was a good thing that Leo was so angry.

If she had decided to act while holding back a little, like she did with the orcs, then she would have moved immediately.

“So, Leo. Did you recognize the person who threw the rock? You saw him before he threw it, right?”
“Wuff. Wuff-wuff.”
“I see… It’s what I thought then…”

Leo nodded and answered when I asked about the culprit.
Liza could understand Leo as well, and she looked at me, but kept silent.

“What did good Leo say?”

I then explained it to Ms. Claire and Ms. Lyra.
That it was one of the people who had attacked Liza in the slums.
Ms. Lyra had said that it was the voice of a young man, and considering that he called Liza a monster, it had to be the person I had seen in the crowd.
I suppose one of them just happened to be near Mr. Halton’s store…

Previously, they had fled when they saw Leo, but this time, he had stayed and thrown a rock. He had guts at least. Though I didn’t like to praise him.
Had I been there, I might have become just as angry as Leo.
I was still angry right now, but knew that I had to stay calm.

“I see. Someone from the slums…”
“That’s what Leo thinks. And I saw him myself, so it must be true. Still, Leo. Couldn’t you have stood in front of Liza or taken her and run away?”
“Wou… Wuff-wuff. Wuff.”

Hmm You aren’t used to hostile humans, so it’s difficult to know what to do?
…Well, that was true. She never had to worry about enemies when we were in Japan.
She was a friendly dog, and most of the people in this world were also nice to her… I suppose it was mainly because of the duke.
Monsters were one thing, but I suppose she didn’t know how to react when facing humans.

Besides, the hostility was towards Liza this time.

“Sorry for scolding you, Leo. I didn’t realize it was because you were protecting Liza. And Liza, thank you for stopping Leo. That was very good of you.”
“Wuff. Wuff-wuff.”

Now that I knew the reason, I apologized to Leo and patted her on the stomach.
Leo sighed with relief and barked comfortably.

“Still, little Liza. Aren’t you angry at the person who did that? Of course, it was good that you stopped Leo…”

Ms. Claire asked.
It wasn’t that she thought Liza should be angry and fight back. She was just curious. After all, Ms. Claire had not seen her in the slums.
She had done nothing wrong, but was insulted and then had a rock thrown at her. Surely that would make you angry! Damn it!

…Oh, now I was getting worked up again.
Leo seemed to notice this, and she suddenly shuddered.
I’m not mad at you, okay?
Anyway, I’ll take in a deep breath and calm myself.

“Yes. I’m not angry. There will be no end to it if I am angry at every person…”

Said Liza in a sad voice. I suppose she was remembering her life in the slums.
Anger brought on more anger and could make this worse… Well, it depended on different things, but I suppose things would often go in a worse direction.

“I’ve been hurt many times because I’m a beastkin… But it just got worse when I became angry. And so I have to bear it… And then they get too tired.”
“…I see.”

Liza seemed like she was trying to hold back tears. Ms. Claire looked like she was at a loss for words.
Ms. Lyra was shocked, and Leo was looking at Liza with a concerned expression.
So, bearing it was the best way to make it stop for her.

It made me wish we had done a little more to punish those people when we found her…
No, as Liza said, that would just make them more angry.
Even if Leo was with me, and I was training, I could not become too confident.
Besides, if people started to hold a grudge against us, Liza might be hurt as well.
It was best to try and avoid incidents like these…

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My Beloved Dog is the Strongest in Another World

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