Seisan Mahoushi – 125

Chapter 125 – It Was Connected To Someplace!?

“Still, when did you start making such things…”

I asked while looking at the iron pipes along the walls as we descended the staircase.

Ymir answered.

“We’ve just been copying the things that you made, Joshua. Like the…was it called a fountain? We also made that after seeing the one in Fendel village. As for the bombs, we got that idea after the Tengu attacked the Demon King Army from the sky with fire.”
“From that explosion.”

Even I would not have thought of creating a portable weapon from that.

The dwarves were able to quickly replicate what I crafted, and had incredible observation power.

“Alright, we arrived at the lowest floor. It’s near the back, behind that entrance.”

Once we reached the bottom floor, Ymir pointed to a hole in the wall.

“You can hear the sounds from any location on this floor, but it is the worst over there.”
“I see. In that case, let’s go have a look.”

And so we went down the hole that Ymir pointed out.

The place was only supported by minimal pillars and beams, and most of the natural rock surface was exposed. It looked like a mine.

As there were torches, it was not particularly dark.

Ymir explained as we continued to walk.

“We’ve dug up a lot of metal ore here, but…we have also dug up some less desirable things.”
“Like what?”
“Those. See, they have been gathered over there.”

Ymir pointed to a mountain in the corner of the mines.

“Those are…bones.”

A mountain of white bones.
And I could see something that looked like a human skull, so they were likely human bones.
There were also things they had left behind, such as rusted swords and armor.

I could see that there were holes and cracks in some of the armor. But I could not tell if it had happened naturally or by someone’s hands.

“…Perhaps it’s an old battlefield that was buried? Huh?”

Before I knew it, Iria was grabbing my arm.

“I-I’m sorry. But I felt a strange presence.”
“Do-don’t worry about it. Yes, there is something ominous about this place.”

“That’s unusual of you, Iria.”
Melk muttered.
But Iria smiled back at her and insisted that this was not the case.

“Well, we are not frightened merely by some bones. The problem is the sounds that can be heard up ahead.”

And then Ymir headed down to the back of the mine.

As we followed after her, we soon came to the wall that was the dead end. It was here that Ymir stopped.

“Now be quiet… There, can you hear?”

I could hear something whooshing.
I suppose it was a little eerie.

“But, uh…I think… Malk, can you grasp the current of the wind?”
“Only Asuha can do that. But the smell of dust flows in…”

Melk’s nose twitched as she searched the area.

After some time, she knocked on a spot of the rock wall.

“Here. The smell is coming from the other side. And I think that is where the sound is coming from as well.”
“I knew it.”

Ymir tilted her head to the side.

“What do you mean?”
“The wind is coming from some place close by. This sound. It’s the sound of blowing wind.”
“In that case, is there another tunnel next to us?”
“We won’t know until we dig.”
“Then I shall try to dig through!”

Ymir took up her pickaxe and started to dig the place that Melk pointed to.

The high-pitched ringing echoed as if to erase the sounds of the wind.

Dwarves were incredibly fast at digging.
And while Ymir was the size of a child, she showed no signs of being tired as she swung her pickaxe.
Not only that, but she did it with precision and with rhythm. And like that, the rocks crumbled away.

Eventually, Ymir’s pickaxe hit something hard, and there was an especially loud ring.

“Hmm? Hmm.”

And then Ymir swung again, and a crack appeared in the wall.

“Let me have a look.”

I said, as I wiped away the dust on the wall.

“It’s an iron board…wait a minute. I’ll try to open it.”

I used fire magic to heat the iron, and once it turned red, I put it in storage.

And then the rest of the wall crumbled all at once.

“…This place!”

Iria and I stared at one another.

The place that appeared in front of us, seemed to be some kind of dungeon.

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