Shinmai Boukensha – 18

Day 18: Dungeon?

Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 1st day.
Weather: Sunny

…I’m very hungry.
I was at the guild bar, and so I ordered some water and then sat at the table.
I do not have any money… I cannot even return to the town of Ruffa, where I came from.

And then right in front of me, a plate filled with bread and meat appeared!! …Am I being harassed?
I glared coldly at the culprit. It was Ms. Marga.
She chuckled and said it was her treat. Are you a goddess!?
And so I ate with teary eyes. Oh, food is such a wonderful thing.

Ms. Marga looked quite exasperated by the emotion on display. And then she dropped a large leather bag on the table with a thud.
“Would you like to borrow? With interest, of course.”
That’s what she said… A goddess!? No, this was a demon out to lead people into temptation!!
I frantically shook my head. I am not that stupid!!
Ms. Marga just shrugged at me and said that she would then recommend me a lucrative job. Oh, maybe she was a goddess?

And it was related to dungeons, just like I had dreamed!
However, you weren’t supposed to get permits to enter dungeons until you were D-Rank. So I shouldn’t be able to get in?
As I looked confused, Ms. Marga explained that there was a trick. …Hmm…I see… I am very worried now.

Well, I went to the dungeon!! It was only an hour’s walk from the town… It was so close!?
Ah, I should write about the dungeon. After all, Ms. Marga had been nice enough to tell me about it.

To put it simply, dungeons are endless underground labyrinths of unknown origin that have multiple layers and are scattered throughout the lands.
In most cases, they become nests for monsters. When this happens, they increase rapidly, and it would be very dangerous if they were to flow out into the world.
However, if you were to seal them by blocking the entrance, for some reason, the monsters in the surrounding area become very active, which is also dangerous.
And so in the end, it’s best to go inside and cull the number of monsters regularly.
Also, for some reason the monsters within the dungeons have mana crystals inside of their bodies, and these can be sold for a high price.
Mana crystals were…mysterious stones used for magic. Huh? My explanation is sloppy? But I don’t even use magic.

So, I went to the dungeon in order to acquire these mana crystals, but how should I get into the dungeon?
And so I used the method that would only work here, that I heard right from Ms. Marga’s mouth.
I would ask permission from one of the guards monitoring the place, and then place a sack filled with rotten fruit near the entrance after attaching it to a rope.
And then the monsters would come outside.
Ah, I got the fruits for free from a store. I was so greatful.
Uh…this dungeon smelled like manure…it was quite disgusting.

And so I plugged my nose and waited for some time after setting the trap. And then I felt something tugging the rope.
I caught something!!
When I looked, there was a gray ant biting into the sack!! A dungeon ant!! It was about the size of a young child, but I had no intention of losing this tug of war!!

…It went away with the bait.
But I understood what to do now. I will get it next time!!
After that, I tried a few more times and was able to kill three ants.
And so I acquired three mana crystals.
As for the shells of the gray dungeon ants, they were apparently too soft to be used for anything.

Now, today I will rest at an inn that just opened recently.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: + 45(Scrap mana crystals x3)
-11(Inn)(Bed: A, Food: C)
Balance: 98 bronze

(*’-‘*)… Not bad. I might be able to survive after all.

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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