Shinmai Boukensha – 33

Day 33: Pursuer and Pursued
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 16th day.
Weather: Cloudy with a chance of Rain

Last night, it started raining suddenly… Thanks to that, I am now soaking wet.
However, the light moss looked so mystical as it shone in the rain.
The lights reflected in the rain made me feel like I was wading through a starry sky. That was fun.
Of course, I was very cold after that…

When I went to the guild to deliver the materials, I saw that a single pure white carriage was parked in front of the entrance. The doors of the carriage were emblazoned by the mark of an eagle with spread out wings… I had a bad feeling about this.
And so I peered inside the window next to the entrance. Hey, kid! I’m not a suspicious person! Let go of my finger!!

When I looked inside, there was a little girl and a maid with a ponytail. They were talking with the young man behind the reception desk.
The girl’s light brown hair looked familiar… It was the girl that I saved… Why had they come back to the Adventurers Guild?
And then, as if suddenly noticing something, the maid swung around and looked at me!! I reflexibly ducked.

After a moment, I cautiously peered inside once again. The maid was tilting her head… This person is dangerous.
She was clearly no ordinary maid.
Yes, I must get out of here before I get involved in something serious.
I will just have to kill time somewhere.

And so I walked aimlessly down the large street.
Now that I think about it, a month has now passed since I became an Adventurer…
Have I succeeded in becoming a decent one during this past month? I am not very confident… I will have to keep doing my best.

It was as I was thinking of such things that it suddenly caught my eyes.
The various pendants that were on display in front of the general store.
I picked up one that had a crescent moon and a cat depicted on it.
A black cat that sat on top of the moon and laughed as if looking at someone stupid…
The protagonist in my favorite story, Luna’s Adventure, had a similar pendant…

I-I ended up buying it… No, it was not a waste of money!!
Th-this is a reward for all the hard work I’ve done up until now!! Besides, you know, it can be like a good luck charm!!
I’m making excuses, aren’t I…? I…better return to the guild. I’m sure the girl has left by now.

When I returned to the guild and made my report at the counter, the receptionist passed me an envelope. On the back, there was the wax seal… Are you serious?
I gave him such a look that it made him terribly apologetic… Yes, but…
I couldn’t…ignore it, could I? All right, but please stop looking at me like that.

In any case, I decided to see what it contained.
…It said that they absolutely had to thank me, and that I must visit them at least once… No, I am definitely not doing that.
Hehe. It would have been one thing if they set a date, but thankfully, they must have considered the fact that I had work as an Adventurer, and so that was not decided. I’d be able to leave it for a while.
If anything, I hoped they would forget about it entirely.
What is it, young man? You look like you’re going to cry. But it’s not cute.
Now, I’m going to soak in a large bathtub and then relax at the inn!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: +50(Light moss gathering reward x1)
-13(Inn. Bed: A, Food A)
-40(Moon and cat pendant)
Balance: 2 silver, 36 bronze

ブン( ̄ロ ̄= ̄ロ ̄)ブン Must not get involved. No way. Besides, that maid is scary.

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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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