Shinmai Boukensha – 25

Day 25: The Light in Front of Me…
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 8th day.
Weather: Unknown

Onward ♪ Onward ♪ I am in high spirits ♪ I love the dungeon ♪ And I’m nearly outside ♪
…No. Yes… There are times when you can’t go on unless you sing, aren’t there?
Ah, I’m fine. I was only singing in my mind…

As I lied to myself and continued on, I reached the halfway point of the first floor. I was just about to reach the surface. And then I heard a strange sound.
Curious as to what it was, I peered from the shadows of the passage. What I saw looked like a dungeon ant. But it was a different monster.
While it was very similar, it was black with red patterns, and it had two wings on its back and three thick stingers.
On top of that, it was ravenously eating a dungeon ant… Was this what was making the sounds?
…Ah, this thing… I recalled what it was and a chill ran down my back.

I had to run away. However, the moment that I turned my back to it, I heard the ominous sounds of wings…
I could feel sweat pouring from all over my body… When I turned to look, the monster was flying in the air and looking at me.
!! Damn?! It saw me!!
And so I ran from there with all the speed I could muster.
That-that was one of the bad ones!! I think it was called…it was called…

Suddenly, a terrible pain shot up my left leg, and I fell clumsily onto my stomach.
It hurt. I couldn’t breathe. I felt nauseous…
When I looked at my left leg, the thick black stinger had pierced it right around the knee.
!! Get it out! I had to get it out and treat the wound…
Thinking this, I stretched out my right hand, but then there was the impact again. This time, my right shoulder was hit, and I fell on my back and collapsed.
Then the scream that echoed through the dungeon.

It hurt. It hurt so much…and I was afraid.
Tears filled my eyes. And then it descended.
It landed on top of me, and its great mandibles bit into my chest.
I heard the sounds of metal ringing against metal, and then my armor, which had not one scratch on it up until now, began screeching as it tightened around my chest.

…It was so tight. I-I couldn’t breathe…
As my consciousness started to fade, the faces of various people appeared in my head.
Everyone at the guild, Ms. Milly, Mr. Gants, Ms. Marga, Ms El. The old man at the weapon shop… Ah, so this is what it’s like to die…
They were all smiling warmly… Why were they happy… I wish that I could…see them one last time…

…No!! I don’t want to die yet. Not in a place like this!!

I ignored my protesting body and mustered up the last bit of energy within me. I wasn’t dead yet, and I could still move! Move!!
My body bounced off the ground like a spring, and then our positions were reversed.
After that, it was like I was possessed. I tore off the breastplate that it was biting, and freed my torso. And then I slammed my short sword and dagger over it over and over.
There was no skill involved. I just wanted to live. It was with that wish alone that I swung my sword. And it continued for a while, even after it was dead.

…By the time I was myself again, everything was finished.
…I could not feel my right arm… Perhaps I had bled too much, as I felt very cold… And sleepy… But I had to get up and walk.
I needed to go to the guild…the letter…they told me to deliver it.
I can do it… My armor is heavy. My sword is heavy… But still… Look. The light is right in front of me now…

Today’s earnings and expenses:
(Scrap mana crystals: Uncounted)
Balance: 49 bronze


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Senpai boukenshasan ga tasukete kureru no de kitto daijoubu nano desu! Shinmai boukensha no nikki-chou

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  1. Lmao. Honestly, something like this was bound to happen. At least her survival instincts are too bad, given that she just recently became an adventurer.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. See? This is another reason why the other two shouldn’t have left to map the dungeon instead of returning to the guild with our MC first.

    She took an arro- stinger to the knee. Hopefully she remains an adventurer.

    Hopefully she is close enough to the surface that someone either heard her or finds her and brings her back. Preferably with the ant corpse too so she can later sell it for materials or use it to replace her damaged armor.

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