Shinmai Boukensha – 12

Day 12: Starting the Escort Quest

Holy Era 6102, Month of the Moon Rabbit, 25th day.
Weather: Cloudy with a chance of rain

So it’s raining again. While feeling despondent over the unfortunate weather, I checked the camping set that I bought previously to make sure that everything was in order, and then I headed to the assembly point.

There were three horse-drawn wagons waiting there.
When I rushed over to them, I saw that there was a B-Rank Adventurer and two others there already. Apparently, I was the last one to arrive…what a failure.

I apologized about being late, but they said that they had only just arrived themselves, and so they waved it away with a laugh.
The introductions came after that.

The B Rank Adventurer who would accompany us was a woman called Marga.
Her hair was cut into a bob. She wore light leather armor that didn’t cover much, a short sword, and whip. A kind of thief-look. And since she had a great physique, it was difficult to not stare…

The other two were both F Rankers.

One was a tall man who wore metal armor. His name was Gants. And since he had an armet on his head, he looked like a walking wall of iron.
His weapon was a two-handed sword that was as long as he was tall. To wield such a weapon in that heavy armor…he must be incredibly strong.

The other person was a small woman who wore a pointed black hat and robes with long sleeves. Her name was Milly. Judging by her appearance, she must be a sorcerer? But there was something cute about her. She was like a small animal.
I became speechless when I saw her weapon.
It was a morning star. Not only that, but it was a flail type with a chain… She was clearly not what she presented herself as!!

And then it was finally my turn. But before I could even say anything, Ms. Marga muttered something. ‘Ah…the Nameku Hunter’…
The two others nodded with recognition. Ah, that person!! They seemed to say.
What!? Wait a minute!! How far had that damned nickname spread!?
What about my introduction!! I haven’t even said my name yet and they were turning away!?

As I stood there flustered, they started to go over the details of the mission… Wait! Please just wait!!

…In the end, I never got to introduce myself.
While my eyes became a little teary, the explanations continued calmly.

First was our positions. Mr. Gants would be with the front wagon, Ms. Milly and I would be with the second, and Ms. Marga would ride on the last one. This way, we could advance while all four sides are protected.
As the weather was quite poor, it was possible that we may be delayed by a day. But we would not be compensated for that extra day of work.
There were other small details that were read out…I didn’t realize that these escort missions were such a hassle…
After all of that, I was asked to sign the agreement. Once I did, they would give me the advance payment of thirty bronze.

No one had any reason to refuse, and so we all signed it. Now, it was finally time to begin the escort mission!!
Today, we would go as far as we could and then set up camp just before the sun starts to set.
Ah, but wagons really were wonderful things. As long as there were no large bumps on the road, they would move smoothly.
I should get a horse instead of hiring a porter. Besides, they were so cute…
Now, I better guard the wagons carefully.

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: +30(Escort mission advance)
Balance: 3 silver, 79 bronze

( ̄~ ̄;) Hmm. An extra day but no reward… The Merchants Guild sure are stingy… What!? I hope I didn’t say that out loud…

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