Shinmai Boukensha – 31

Day 31: The Adventurer I Wanted To Be
Holy Era 6102, Month of the Marsh Dragon, 14th day.
Weather: Sunny

Once again, I woke up in the bar… The waitress looked at me as if I was trash, which was gut wrenching.
Tsk. I really have to work seriously!! …Huh? I think I said the same thing yesterday.

What job should I do… I don’t want to face goblins, but I suppose I should do mushrooms again.
It paid well, and so I’ll accept all the quests I can take today.
The young man behind the receptionist counter looked at me worriedly, but I am fine. Finding fifty mushrooms will be easy.

…That’s what I thought during the morning. And now I hate myself…
It was now past midday, but I had only found twenty…less than half.
…I will have to go a little deeper into the forest now.
But I wish I didn’t have to. Because the chances of encountering goblins will increase…

In any case, it was back to searching deep into the forest.
It’s starting to get dark now, so I want to finish as quickly as possible. I have thirty-four now. So it’s just a little more.
It was just as I was close to finishing, that I heard a scream echo through the forest.
…It was probably a human. And they were close by.
Uh, what should I do… I should…go and see what is happening, right…? This is the worst.

I moved in the direction that the voice had come from, and then I heard the sounds of something being dragged.
I hid behind a tree and looked. There were three goblins there. And at their feet, I saw a single injured girl.
I couldn’t see her face, but she wore a blue dress and had brown hair that was covered in mud… Horrible.
…The goblins were talking as they looked at the girl.
It must have been something awful…I could see it in their eyes and mouths.

There was no time to go and call for help. I had to do something…
Could I do it…me… Someone who was too scared to unsheath their sword. Someone who turned and fled from an enemy…
As I hesitated, I heard the sounds of tearing cloth. And a small scream.
Before I knew it, I had jumped out of my hiding place.
The eyes of the goblins widened at this unexpected interruption. However, it was only for a second. They quickly pulled out their swords and billhooks and licked their lips at this new prey.

With all the willpower I could muster, I forced my teeth and arms to stop shaking.
I had to do this. I was the only one who could.
…Don’t run. Stand and face them. Don’t let your fear swallow you up!! That was the kind of Adventurer I wanted to be!!

With this resolve, I took a step forward. It was almost hard to believe that I was the same person. My body felt lighter with every step. I could do this!!
And I was able to unsheath my sword. And without losing the momentum, I slashed the neck of the first, and just as the second swung down with its billhook, I slashed diagonally from the shoulder.
Without pausing to catch my breath, I thrust my short sword deep into the chest of the last goblin who was frozen with fear. The blade sank to the hilt…and the hunt was finished.

…What was this? It felt strange. Like I wasn’t myself… But I would think about that later. I had to help the girl up first.
Hmm… She had fainted. Very well, I would take her to the guild.
Ahh!? It’s already dark, but I haven’t finished gathering all the mushrooms!! …Really. I hate goblins!!

Today’s earnings and expenses:
Bronze: +90(Quest reward x3)
+16(Mushrooms x8)
+90(Goblin hunt reward x3)
-46(Quest failure fine x2)
-13(Inn, Bed: A, Food: A)
Balance: 2 Silver, 48 bronze

(゚ー゚*?) Oh? I rescued a girl, but where is she from?

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  1. What? Did she seriously have to pay a fine for not getting all the mushrooms? That’s stupid. Isn’t it one of those quests that’s always available? Plus it’s not like it’s something urgent that needs to be completed so there shouldn’t be a penalty

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