10 Years After – 111


And so I decided to check the quest board, just in case.

Nia also looked at it carefully.


“There are a lot of them.”

“Yes. But there aren’t many that an F-Ranker can accept. Nia. Can you read?”



The beastkin took education very seriously, it seemed.

She apparently spent a lot of time in combat training, but that wasn’t all she did.


“That’s wonderful.”


And so I taught her how to look at the requests.

It was easy if you could read.

There were also different markings used on them for Adventurers who couldn’t read.


“There are no goblin quests today.”

“You killed goblins just yesterday. Are you still thinking about them?”

Nia said with a puzzled look. And so I told her about the importance of killing goblins.


After that, we left the guild and headed for the area outside of the city.

It was so Grulf could get some exercise.


When we were outside of the city, I put Lord Gerberga into my breastplate.

Nia watched me do this and said,


“Does Grulf’s walk always take him outside of the city?”

“We could just have him run around in the city as well…”


But Grulf was very large. He would not be able to run very fast.




Grulf wagged his tail happily.


“But I want him to get lots of exercise. He should be allowed to run outside of the city when I have time to take him.”

“That’s true.”

“Nia. Try running as fast as you can. Grulf and I will follow you.”



Nia began to run. She was very fast. Grulf chased after her.

Nia was fast, but she was still eight years old. And so she was slower than Grulf.


Grulf quickly passed her before slowing down, then increasing his speed again.

They enjoyed running like that for a while.


“Lord Gerbera. I’m going to run too.”


Lord Gerberga jumped out of my breastplate and landed on my shoulder.



He gave me permission to run.

And so I started to run lightly. Gerberga’s claws were clamped tightly around my shoulder.

However, the breastplate was strapped onto me with thick leather, so it did not hurt.


I quickly caught up with Nia and then ran at the same pace as her.


We ran on the road leading to the city for quite some time.


Once Nia and Grulf were out of breath, we stopped to rest.

I took out some water from my magic bag and gave it to Nia and Grulf.


“Th-thank you.”


“It feels good to run every once in a while.”

“It really does!”


I gently petted Grulf as he eagerly drank his water.

He had been able to run a lot today. That was great.


And so we had a leisurely, relaxing time just resting there.

The weather was nice and the wind felt good.

Even Lord Gerberga seemed pleased as he rested on my shoulder.


“Well, we should head back soon.”




We heard a loud roar in the distance.


“Is that…could it be Kathe?”

“It might be.”


Kathe had probably roared as a way of calling me. That was annoying.

In any case, I would have to head in the direction of the roar.



“Damn it… Am I here? …And what if I wasn’t?”


Of all the things Kathe could have done, screaming my name should have been last on the list.

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  1. Oh wise Dragons, yelling for somebody’s name when it was supposed to be all hush hush

  2. idiot dragon coming back!! yeah
    i thought that dragon won’t coming back at least until new arc…
    or this Dragon already key of New arc?

    • This author does look far enough ahead for that- he introduces someone right when there important, then leaves them alone as a side character afterwards

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