10 Years After – 167


So Serulis and the others had helped fight off the vampires too.

Eric had focused on the magic machines.


Eric noticed me and approached us with a grim expression.


“Ruck. The barrier blocks strong monsters, but it apparently doesn’t block magic machines when they are not activated.”

“That’s bad.”


The barrier activated when it detected magic.

Regardless of what type, every living thing had magical energy.

Strong creatures had lots of magic. So did warriors.

Warriors used the magic in their bodies. Sorcerers used the magic outside as well.


However, when it came to barriers that blocked strong creatures, it was determined by the flow of magic within the body.

Those who had a strong current could be said to be powerful.


However, magic machines that were not activated were just like weapons. There was no magic flowing.

A living creature who no longer had magic flowing in them would be considered dead.

And so the barrier saw unactivated magic machines as clumps of metal or just a magic stone.


“So that means they smuggled the machines into the barrier and then activated them.”

“If only we could crush them before they are activated.”

“But magic machines are tough…”



But it seemed that they had crushed three of the machines before they started moving.

So only seven were activated.


“Let me see the vampire remains then.”

“They’re over here.”


Eric led me to a clearing that was a short distance from the palace.

Serulis, Shia and Nia were there.


“Mister Locke. I’m so glad you are alright.”

“I’m glad that you were all safe too.”


Serulis and the others had fought alongside the water dragons to defeat the vampires.


I studied the vampire remains, in other words, their ashes.

Judging by the amount, there were at least thirty of them.

And inside, I found three medals that suggested there were some who ranked higher than a Lord.


And so I searched for the magic tool that would have allowed them to cross the barrier.

After a while, I discovered something that looked like a bracelet.

There was strong magic coming from it.


It looked like it was made using the Fool’s Stone.

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