10 Years After – 208


“As you can transform into a human, Mister Mors, you must be of the royal family?”

“I am the son of Morris. And I am a chamberlain.”

“I see. So you are Morris’s son.”


Grulf was running around Mors excitedly.

I thought about it. I had assumed that this was our first meeting.

However, seeing how playful Grulf was, we had probably met before.

It was just the first time I saw him as a human.


“Mister Mors. Have we met before?”


When I asked this, Mors smiled happily.


“Yes! Indeed, you have never seen me as a human, but we’ve met several times before.”

“I see. I feel incredibly rude now.”


Mors waved his hands vigorously.


“I beg you not to! It is nothing to worry about!”

“I’m very glad to hear you say that.”

“We look very different as humans. It cannot be helped that people do not notice who we are.’


Kathe picked up Grulf and said,


“Locke also didn’t recognize me the first time I visited him as a human.”

“Yes, that’s true, now that I think of it.”


Kathe and Mors were grinning.


Mors looked quite muscular as a human.

He had broad shoulders and a thick chest. He was built like Goran.


“Have we fought together as well?”

“Yes. I have seen your brilliance in battle up close, Mister Locke!”


Mors was particularly strong among the water dragons. And he was usually on the frontlines in battle.

And so we had often fought close to each other.

He also added that he was among the group of dragons that often followed us on walks.


“Oh, so that’s why Grulf is happy to see you.”

“Yes. we get along very well.”


Mors said with a laugh.

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  1. Well they never introduced each other then. Because if they had, at least the name should ring a bell. Even more if he is the son of Morris.

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