10 Years After – 32


“Apprentice knights, apprentice chamberlains, apprentice cooks. Many occupations. I think he is supporting over 2,000.”


I didn’t know that.

But 2,000 seemed excessive.


“It’s part of his education policy. The second or third sons of poor nobles. The children of knights who died in battle…”


So it wasn’t just about education, but also a welfare policy.

There would be wide-ranging effects as well.


There was a lot of meaning in having the palace raise children of knights who died at war.

Knights would be more loyal if they knew that their children would be taken care of if they died.


The second and third sons of poor nobles had no titles or lands to inherit.

But still, they could not be treated poorly as they were still nobles.

If the palace took them in, then the lower class of nobles would owe him a debt.


“He also has orphaned children from all around the country enter into an apprenticeship.”


It would be easier for people raised at the palace to become self-reliant.

And the ones that were especially brilliant could continue to work at the palace.

And because of the debt they owed, they would serve Eric loyally.


“Eric has really thought this through.”

“He’s very passionate about education.”


Goran said with a laugh.

But considering that this ‘passion’ resulted in him spreading books about me, I did not join him in his laughter.

In fact, I meant to make a complaint to Eric about it.


As I thought this, the door opened.

Eric entered with the biggest smile.


“Ah, Ruck. I hope you have been doing well?”

“Yes, thanks to you.”

“That is good.”


There were two young girls behind Eric.

One was around 10 and the other was 3 or 4 years old.


“Ruck. You’ve never met them before, have you? These are my daughters.”


He had been informed in advance that everyone present knew my identity.

And so he had called me Ruck.


“Nice to meet you. I am Charlotte.”

“Nice to meet you. I am Ma…rie.”


Marie must have been nervous because she stuttered.

But it was cute.


Her sister Charlotte did a graceful bow.

Marie imitated her, but it was shaky.


“Nice to meet you too. I am Ruck. A friend of your father.”

“It is an honor to meet you. Grand Duke Franzen. I have heard much about you.”

“He’s the heero Ruck!”


I had never been called Grand Duke Franzen before.

The older sister was very calm and had a mature air.

Perhaps more so than Serulis.

The younger one, on the other hand, was looking at me with sparkling eyes.


And then I introduced everyone else.

After that, Marie took an immediate interest in Gerberga.


“So he’s called Gerbie?”


“How cute. There, there.”



Gerberga seemed quite pleased as Marie petted him.

As she was a young child, Luchila did not say anything.


The rest of us watched for a while before getting to the main subject at hand.

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  1. Earlier than usual I think, or at least according to the usual novel updates notification time, but love it. I really appreciate your releases, especially the consistency with them. Enjoy this story, and you make it all the better with your consistency and reliability.

  2. Woohoo a new chapter, thankies

    The Hero really isn’t that keen on keeping his identity a secret and more like he just doesn’t want to be popular but him solving the vampire problem will earn him another storybook, I just know it.

    • Not gunna lie the moment they said he brought them in I feel like free for all battle for his attention is going to happen XD

  3. I hope this will happen later
    Marie: papa, is mister ruck your friend
    Eric: yes, we are teammates that fight against the devils
    Marie: but, why is he sooooo young…..

    Eric experienced a critical hit

  4. At that moment Ruck knew the true terror… a storybook about him, oh boi, the shame! And Eric, not that much of a smart move to openly call him by his name…. Also, Marie and Charlotte, cute!

    • As noted Eric was informed in advance that all who would be present knew him or in the case of the Princesses were cleared for the information

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