10 Years After – 51


“You will help with work around the house. Whether you choose Eric or me, you will live in a house and have food to eat.”

“That would be nice…but what kind of work is it?”


Eric answered this question. He spoke very kindly.


“All kinds of work. Most train to be chamberlains or knights.”

“As for me… Cleaning, I guess.”


I said, and Milka’s eyes lit up.


“I don’t know what a chamberlain is, but I can clean!”

“You can?”

“When my grandfather was still alive, I cleaned the house and chimneys for our neighbors!”

“That’s good to know. Alright. You can come to my house.”


I said, and Milka laughed happily.

But then she quickly looked uncertain.


“But, are you sure?”

“I don’t mind. But your first job won’t be cleaning, but helping me reinforce this passage.”

“Leave it to me!”


When we finished talking about this, a voice came from the bedroom.


“Husband, what are you doing over there?”


It was Refi, Eric’s wife.

Our voices must have woken her up.


“D-damn it. Locke, hide.”

“Huh? Why? I’d like to meet her again.”

“No, right now… She is almost naked.”

“Oh, right.”


In that case, it wouldn’t be much of a greeting.

And so we quickly retreated into the passage.


“Well then, Eric. It’s late. I’ll just seal up the hole here and return home. I’ll come again tomorrow.”

“Thank you.”


After that, I quickly sealed the hole with rocks and created a wall.

At the same time, I could hear Eric’s voice.


“Refi, why have you dressed like that again? You were sick recently. You will catch a cold.”

“I should be asking you questions. What happened all of a sudden? You were away for so long…”

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just, uh…”

“I thought I heard voices talking…”

“Are you sure?”

“I don’t think I was hearing things. Are they guests? I would like to meet them.”

“Even if there were guests, you can’t greet them like that.”

“…But why?”



Now that I think about it, Refi was always a little oblivious about the way she dressed.

Even if she didn’t mind, others would.

It was often said that people of great virtue are not ashamed of being naked.

Perhaps Refi was like that as well.


In any case, Luchila must have been visualizing the scene behind the wall, because his face was bright red.


It was not a very good thing to be listening to Eric and Refi’s conversation here.

And so I cast a spell of protection on the wall and began to walk away.


“I’m going to go and block the sewers now.”

“Ah, yes.”

“Leave it me.”


And so we moved towards the hole that led to the sewers.

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  1. In any case, Luchila must have been visualizing the scene behind the wall, because his face was bright red.

    I swear Luchila was hinted to be a girl(reverse trap) before, so I guess they are actually just male

    • Eh, you never know. I remember one bisexual reverse trap from some novel I read a few years back, so… there’s a chance. Then again, this isn’t a harem novel. I think. On the other hand, he seems to be building a harem party… who knows?

  2. Wait, if Luchila and Milka are in the same age range and are living together maybe something will rise?

    And will that be incest considering that they are like Ruck’s children?

    Domestic na Kanojo?

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