10 Years After – 59


“Very good, Grulf.”





Grulf wagged his tail happily.

After that, Grulf was quite excited as he continued the search.



“Oh, did you find something again?”



He was barking at another shelf.

I inspected it, and out came a ham.


“District manager. Grulf found another ham.”

“Good gracious! …Ah, that is just a ham. I am sure it was from a pig.”

“It’s not forbidden?”

“No, I am sure you will find that it is sold at any meat shop.”

“I see.”


It was just a normal ham.

However, Grulf was sitting down with a smug expression and a wagging tail.


“…Good boy!”



I hesitated for a second, but Grulf was trying his best. And so I praised him with a good petting.

After that, Shia looked towards us and said,


“Mister Locke. There is a suspicious smell coming from over here!”

“I see. Let’s take a look.”



For some reason, Shia’s tail was wagging furiously.

The place that Shia had indicated did not look particularly suspicious.

However, after searching the area with magic, I saw that there was a hidden door.


“It’s shut tightly. Very strange.”

“Yes! I agree.”


I opened the door with magic and saw that behind it was countless weapons.


“Its a storage for weapons…”

“This is an incredible amount. Did they mean to start a coup?”

“Or they meant to sell them to someone who was going to start a coup.”

“I see, yes.”


So saying, Shia’s eyes brightened. Her ears flapped and her tail wagged vigorously.

Understanding what this all meant, I patted her on the head.



She laughed happily.

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  1. taking all bets. the evil aristocrat who is in cahoots with Kabino is also our recently introduced bastard uncle the margrave

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