10 Years After – 80


“What are these markings?”

“These are the entrances to the sewers. I was preparing to live down there. So I know all the entrances.”


There were quite a few of them too. I didn’t even know about some of them.

It was very impressive. She really was planning on making the sewers her home.


“Milka. What’s so important about the sewer entrances?”

“Ummm. Sister Serulis. This thing was thrown away in the sewers, right?”

Milka asked as she pointed at the Evil God idol on the desk.


“Yes. What about that?”

“I think the houses nearest to the sewer entrances are the most suspect. Because it would be hard to walk so far to throw those away!”

“I see… That’s a good point.”

“It is? I hope so.”

“Good for you, Milka!”


Serulis said as she patted her on the head.

“Eheheh.” Milka laughed.


Indeed, it would be much harder to dispose of them if the house was far from the sewers.

That being said, I couldn’t quite agree with Milka’s reasoning.


“Milka, do you know a lot about the structure of the sewers?”

“Yes. I do. I did a lot of searching.”


And that was how she found the broken wall and hidden passage, I guess.


“Can you write down in which direction the sewage water flows?”

“I can if it’s a rough idea.”

“Yes, that’s fine.”



And so Milka started to write down the direction that the water flowed.

It seemed to flow without much connection to the actual tunnel system.

There had probably already been natural caves and tunnels down there that were later converted to a sewer.


Serulis looked very impressed as she said,


“Milka. You sure know a lot.”

“I know where all the entrances are, so I just have to put the rest together in my head.”

“That’s amazing.”



She chuckled as she filled in the map.


“I finished!”

“Thank you.”

“But, what will this tell you?”


I had walked in the sewers quite a lot today. It was really just a moment ago, and so it was still fresh in my memory.

I recalled the small details and compared it with what Milka had written.

It appeared to me that she had done a very accurate job.


“Alright. So this is where the fragments had collected.”


“Obviously, sewage water flows through the sewers.”

“Yes, yes.”

“It’s possible that they didn’t need to enter the sewer entrances to discard the fragments. They could have just flushed it down with the sewage water.”


I said. Milka immediately started to trace her finger along over the map.

She was thinking about the direction of the current.


“People are abducted along this road, and the water flows in this direction, so…”


There were only so many houses that faced that road.

And you can look at the place the fragments collected, and trace their path to find where they came from.


Milka’s finger stopped on a certain house.


“Ah, this house.”

It was Marquis Mastafon’s mansion.

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  1. Milka needs a deerstalker hat and a pipe.
    The villain is obvious. It is of course the dubious Marquis Mastafon!
    Further more, his treachery extends beyond simple murder, as foul as that may be!
    He has raised his hand in treason!
    I declare the culprit is the Marquis, with a ham and evil god statue, in the toilet!

    • I declare that the Marquis is actually manipulated / brainwashed by some demons or vampires or so or he might be one of those dark ones himself disguised as a human.
      That would explain why he risks human society as a whole with his actions.

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