10 Years After – 94


“Really? I would have thought it would be easy with your skills?”


Eric said, but Goran shook his head.


“Yes, sneaking into houses is a good ability to have when gathering information.”


“However, that’s really just a skill that comes in handy during the last phase, don’t you think?”

“In other words, you’re saying that it’s inefficient to go around snooping in one house at a time?”

“Exactly. It’s only when you know for sure that the house has evidence, that you enter it to get that evidence.”


Goran was right.

The majority of information gathering was more simple work like questioning people.

And it was also important to have friends and connections to gather information from everyday conversations.

It required a very different skill set than what was needed for combat.


“After all, invading someone’s house is breaking the law. You cannot do it without being sure.”

“That’s true. I will have all the information acquired by the privy council sent to you, Ruck.”

“Thank you. That will help.”

“I’ll ensure the information gained by the guild goes to you as soon as possible, as well.”

“Thank you. And when the time comes to fight, you can count on me.”


There were other things to discuss after that as well.

It wasn’t until it was quite late that we decided to go to sleep.

Eric and Goran would stay tonight.


“Grulf, let’s go.”



He looked like he was already half asleep.

It might be better to just let him sleep here.


And so I headed to my room alone.


Grulf pushed himself to get up and follow me.


“You can just sleep over there.”



Apparently, he would sleep in my room. Maybe even wolves slept better on a bed.

And so Grulf got onto the bed after me.



Grulf put his chin on my stomach.

He was still a pup after all. I petted him on the head.

It was so soft and comfortable. This wolf had high-quality fur, I thought.

Grulf fell asleep very quickly then.

And so did I.

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