I Will Not Become an Enemy! – 32


And as I expected, the wolves had prioritized their hunger.

It was likely that the magician had not put much thought into feeding them as they were only monsters. The way that the ravenous beasts fell onto the meat was something to behold. Even chunks that should have been too big were swallowed whole.

After waiting for them to be well into their meal, Alan sent out another barrage of arrows.

The wolves had their guard down because of the meat, and so several were pierced by arrows and now unable to move.

However, this attack had completely taken their attention away from their appetite. They jumped up the cliff and threw themselves at Alan’s men.

Some of the wolves that had jumped up with the power of the wind–went so high that they went over the head of the human soldiers.

The wolves that had jumped too high seemed to be alarmed, their feet moved frantically in the before they finally landed. The shock from this made them slow to react as Alan’s men attacked.

“That went very well.”

Cain whispered, and I nodded.

“I did not think it would be so effective.”

To explain, the meat contained shards and powdered ore inside of them.

It was something called a wind crystal that magicians would sometimes use as a medium when creating wind magic. I learned of this in an old lord’s diary from the Margrave’s library.

There was a certain pattern in the kinds of monsters this magician used.

All of them used wind magic. The wind wolves, the sky jellyfish.

And the wind wolves always lived near places where this ore could be mined. Apparently, the wind wolves would bite these rocks and maintain their ability to call the wind.

And so my idea was to cause the monsters to overdose on this ore.

What would happen if they used magic after taking too much inside of them? I suspected that the magic would run wild.

But there was a possibility that this plan would fail.

If that happened, it was decided that we would kill as many as we could before retreating. We would have to reorganize and attack again.

But things had played out smoothly. I smile.

The old magician saw that there was something wrong with the wind wolves and ordered the sky jellyfish to hurry.

However, there was also powdered wind crystal in their path. Preparing this had taken me the most time. Thankfully, the ore was not too hard.

The sky jellyfish used magic to float in the air, but now they were unable to adjust their altitude. They would either float up too high or descend so low that they were touching the ground. It was utter confusion.

The sky jellyfish had long, poisonous tentacles that made them a challenge for close-quarters combat, but now the archers were easily able to shoot them down.

The fallen jellyfish squirmed on the ground. It would take even more arrow shots to kill them completely, but Alan had his men focus on the ones still in the air.

Even if they didn’t kill them, it was enough to disable them.

In this situation, it was the old magician who panicked first.

“I, I am leaving!”


As the old magician turned around and attempted to flee, he was grabbed by one of the soldiers.

“You have a contract!”

“This is not a breach of contract! I just need to gather more monsters and come back again! Hehe.”

“But then we will not make it in time to join the main group!”

“But it is true that we lost too many units…”

Amidst the sudden chaos, the soldiers were torn between those who wanted to leave and those who believed that that was not an option.

And that was when we charged in.

When the soldiers finally realized that we were right behind them, it was too late.

Cain’s sword flashed and cut.

I almost shrank back when I saw the fountain of blood, but I was intent on capturing the magician for certain this time.

As I gritted my teeth, the other four enemy soldiers were defeated by the other knights who accompanied us.

It had been such a sudden ambush, that the old magician could only look on in shock.

But then he let out a little laugh.

“Hehe. This is a stroke of luck. And now I am a free man. Ahahahah.”

“…What do you mean?”

I ask from behind Cain. The magician looks at me and blinks his eyes.

“Ohh, it is the young lady again. Hehe. Well, I have no need to be your enemy now. And so I will tell you. I only accepted this job in exchange for medicine for my illness. Though, in this contract, it said that I was to attack the Everal castle and not to harm any of their men.”

He said as he picked up a bag from one of the fallen soldiers.

“This is the medicine that I needed. I will not be your enemy anymore. Farewell. Eh he hehe.”

The laughing magician began to float in the air. It was wind magic.

“W-wait! This is against reason! He means to attack the castle if we let him go!”

One of the knights shouted. But the old magician continued to laugh hysterically. Hahahaha.

However, his laughing was suddenly cut off.

Because a flying arrow had caught him in the shoulder.

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I’m quite happy with Kiara in this chapter. Also, looks like the next chapter could be the long-awaited stone gobbling.

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  1. She should just eat the stone the throne princess gave her already… Her body obviously want to eat it, since she keeps clutching at it protectively pft
    Many thanks

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