Jack of all Trades – 138


Click. Click. My leather boots rang on the floor. I felt like I had walked for a while, but there were no more side doors and no traps. It just continued without change until it finally stopped.


There was a door much like the last one right in front of me.


“Is this the treasure room?”


I slowly touched the doorknob. It was neither cold nor hot. There was no static electricity. Very welcoming, I must say.

And so I turned it and pushed the door open.




What had just been a few lines of light were now numerous as they drew patterns on the walls, floor, and ceiling. The increased brightness forced me to narrow my eyes. After a while, the white faded and my eyes adjusted.


This room was slightly bigger than the other. About six tatami mats. Perhaps the ancient elves liked their rooms to be cozier? Were they cozy-loving perverts?




There was a box in the center of the bright room. A long box. Did it contain a sword then?


I could not hide my excitement as my heart began to beat quickly. I couldn’t help that it rang loudly in my ears. But all thoughts of that were quickly swept away as I knelt in front of the box, and with shaking hands, reached out to touch it.


Then the lines on the ground began to shine brighter and extend towards the box. They surrounded it once before connecting.

When the lines met, there was a small click, and the box opened.




I gulped. Then I picked up the lid and set it to the side. As for what was inside…




There were two pairs of glasses.




The long box contained two of them side by side. One had a frameless design and the other had a light green square frame. The green looked familiar. The mysterious metal.


“My eyesight isn’t bad, but…”


I tried picking one up. It was an ancient treasure, after all…and so I slowly put the square frame glasses on. Then I looked around the room, but there didn’t seem to be a difference. It was like putting on a pair of fake glasses.


“Well, that’s a disappointment…”


My shoulders slump as I looked down at the hand on my lap. It was horribly dirty after all the digging. I sighed and wondered what to do next, when something very strange happened.


My hand…well, the gauntlet. A line ran along the surface and then letters appeared.


“‘Ice Dragon Gauntlet.’ …I know that!”




“Oh, does this appraise things?”


Other worlds and appraising. Appraising and other worlds. I’ve never actually seen anything being appraised before. I didn’t really think it was done here.


However, these glasses were a magical appraising tool.




I shouted in triumph for the third time today. I was very happy to be able to bring back something good for Daniela.


It took me quite a while to finish appraising all of my equipment. However, I learned a few things by doing it.


The first was that these glasses did not require any magic to use. I discovered this by using the glasses to look at each other. The lenses were made of magical stone. Void ore. That is what they were made of.

And I also realized that looking at something closely gave you even more detailed explanations about it. For instance, this is what it looked like for the Ice Dragon Gauntlet.


‘Ice Dragon Gauntlet. Gauntlet made of Ice dragon hide and black steel. Slightly raises the power of ice magic. Raises resistance to fire magic.’


Something like that. This feature was rather brilliant, and it even appraised the lenses of the appraisal glasses. According to the results, there was a special magic pattern carved into the lens that allowed for the appraising of objects.

It used the mana in the air to work, which meant the user’s magic did not deplete.


“This is great…!”


I was very pleased with what I had uncovered. I was sure that Daniela would be pleased as well. It was great luck that there were two of them.


“After all, I’ll get to see Daniela wearing glasses!”

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  1. “He wouldn’t be able to carry more than one”
    Yes yes, not because of other reasons …

    And finally appraisal, jp novels can’t do without it

    Thanks for the chapter

  2. Cozy room that’s locked away from the world. Female dolls. Glass that can see through the nature of things. I imagine a perverted elf genius trying to make x-ray glasses but “failing” and creating some “junk” appraisal glasses instead.

    • My guess is it’s to help get more ad revenue. I don’t mind it at all though. It is usually at a good break, it’s not obnoxious, and it helps the translator.

      Recently I got to also see that the translator maintains the format even if the chapter is really long (points at that one chapter where I thought the end of page 1 was the end of the chapter). I really appreciated that it wasn’t broken into more pages or worse, multiple parts. Nothing against translators who do it but it really made me appreciate the translator’s consistency.

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