Jack of all Trades – 144


“Are you injured?”

“No… I knew you would come. So I did my best.”

“Thank you…I’ll finish this quickly.”

“Mmm…I will be waiting.”


Daniela’s arms unraveled from around me as she wiped at her eyes with her sleeve. I brushed her disheveled hair from her face and stood up. Through Presence Detection, I could tell that the lesser wyvern had stood up and was now searching for me. I needed to show myself quickly, or it would start breathing everywhere.

I knelt down and kissed Daniela on the cheek before darting off. I passed the building and deliberately appeared right in front of it. The wyvern saw me and roared with rage.



“Shut up, you bastard. You tormented Daniela! I’ll kill you!”


I held the greatsword up and ran. The lesser wyvern beat its remaining wing to create wind. But the wind from a single wing would not do much…




Surprisingly, the wind cut at my fingers and cheek. I had assumed that it would be an ordinary wind. I had actually witnessed a wind attack by dragon magic before, but not an attack through the beating of wings. That was because Rex and the others had hurt the wings so bad that they were useless… But it seemed now that dragon magic affected the beating of wings as well. Lesson learned…I wouldn’t be hit by it again.


A gap opened between us again, and this time the wyvern came to bridge it. It’s two legs stomped on the ground and its open jaw showed countless teeth as it attacked. I slashed horizontally with my greatsword, trying to cut it before it could cut me. But the wyvern was no fool. It quickly closed its mouth and clamped over the sword.

It was wounded, but it could still move. And as a dragon, it’s power was immense. It swung its head to the side, nearly prying the sword from my grip. I tried to hold on, but found myself being carried off of the ground. And so I used Legs of the Forest Wolf to cover me, allowing me to move without going against the force pulling me. The wyvern must have thought I let go then, because its jaw loosened and my sword slipped out. I was still airborne and upside down as I swung my sword at the wyvern below me. Its claws slash through my clothes, but my sword continues to fall at the same speed. The blue of the blade glows in the darkness of the night, falling towards its target…but no. There was a horrible sound as the blade bounced off of its scales.


“Tsk…so it didn’t work.”


The last wyvern I had fought had also blocked all swords. Magic attacks were effective, but not swords enhanced by magic, it seemed. As I valued speed, I had avoided using magic, but it seemed that I would have to cover the blade with water like before… I probably should have went for the head when I had the chance, but there was no point in thinking about it now. But I had only been able to take the wing because it hadn’t been expecting me. Taking the head when it was completely alert would be almost impossible.



The lesser wyvern growled as it snapped at my sword again. While this one was smaller, it didn’t necessarily mean that it was weaker. The look of murderous rage in its eyes was real.


But suddenly, the lesser wyvern cried and let go of my sword. I used Legs of the Forest Wolf then and jumped through the air and landed behind it. Now I was able to see the Yis had come and was cutting at the wyvern’s tail.

The lesser wyvern turned around, feeling the pain. Yis predicted an attack and lifted his sword to block it. But I wouldn’t let it attack at all. It’s back was open. And that tail was long as hell. This time, I sent a surge of blue magic through the sword, wrapping the blade in water as it swung down.




The greatsword cut through the dragon scales with ease. Both flesh and bones were severed and the tail was cut off at the root.




It stumbled with a cry of pain. It’s dragon wind burst into a chaotic storm around us. I somehow managed to dodge it as I rushed towards Yis.


“I underestimated you! That was incredible!”

“No! I just have great weapons!”

“Marco and I barely played a part!”


In fact, had I not had a greatsword with blue magic, my attacks would have been very pathetic. I would have just been tickling it with an ice sword, probably. This sword really helped me. I was so thankful to Kasil and the blue-colored blacksmith.


The wyvern could not balance itself without a tail, and it was wobbly on its feet. But more than that, the pain was taking over. Eventually, it would not be able to stand, and then it would be over. The only thing left was to take off its head.


“I’ll deal the final blow!”

“Be careful, Asagi. It can be the most dangerous during these moments!”


I nodded as I walked forward. The wild wyvern looked at me. I didn’t know if it was anger or fear, but it howled and howled.

I held the sword up and imbued it with magic. It was as if the wyvern recognized what this meant, and it began to suck in its breath. It was going to try and end this here and now.

It was going to breathe.


However, that meant it was open for a second.


In that instant, an explosion of wind erupted around my legs and shot me forward. There was no time for anyone to see the flash of blue when I attacked and the head flew off. Its breath came the moment that my sword went through, and the head was launched into the air. At the same time, fresh blood shot out of the stump and covered the ground with red.


“In the end, speed beats everything.”


I thrust my sword into the ground and turn around. What I saw then was the lesser wyvern. Life was gone from its eyes as it sunk into the ocean of blood.

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  1. i dont think anyone will be annoyed by this, many other translators also opened their own patreon….though you can never know for sure

  2. If it can help you keep delivering this great novel it is welcomed. It would be great if you could keep translating 2 chapters a week.

    Hope Daniela overcome her trauma before they face a real dragon

  3. As always, thanks for translating. I’m wary of explicitly stating you have chapters locked behind donations because it seems like a good way to get the hammer brought down with a DMCA notice.

  4. Nah, we will not get annoyed because of that. I mean, a lot of translator is have patreon. And that’s make the translator become happy and new chapter will update more faster.

    Thanks for the epic battle~

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