Jack of all Trades – 159


Bacon said apologetically.


“Haha. Please stop that, Bacon.”

“I told you, it’s Yacon!”


Bacon slammed his fist onto the desk.


“But more importantly, we’re looking for an inn. Can you introduce us to one? I’ll tell you everything you want to know.”


Bacon’s temples were twitching as he pulled out a sheet of paper. So he was going to write it down.


“…Damn it. So? I know that something happened in Nicora. Give me the details.”

“Alright. Well, first we…”


We stayed the night in the shed and found the magic ore. And then I gave him a detailed account of the intense action that followed. When I was finished talking, it was past midday.


“…I see. Hmm.”

“It was horrible. Who would have ever thought she’d bring out a dragon?”

“I would not have expected you to be able to kill it…”


Bacon said with a tired expression. But I didn’t see how I had any choice in the matter. It would have destroyed the town had I run away. And then it would have surely turned towards Usk. I didn’t exactly expect people to shower me with praise, but I didn’t know if I deserved exasperation either.


“Well, sometimes people are unable to process things in time when they’re in danger.”

“I suppose so…”


So we are clearly not in the wrong! We should just leave it at that and put an end to this whole thing.


“…And do you have Eve’s body? Even her head would do.”

“No… I didn’t see it. Daniela killed her, so you’d have to ask her…”


I slowly turned to look at Daniela. She was using four chairs as a bed.


“I would like to wake her up, but I don’t want to…”

“Sorry…she’s always like that…”


And so it was decided that we would come back the next day to make a report. But I really hadn’t seen Eve’s body myself… It was possible that it was lying around somewhere in Nicora. Unless the bandits went off with it.

I didn’t know what that would mean for us. But I hoped it would not be significant.


  □   □   □   □

Bacon’s interrogation was finished and he sent us off with a map and a letter of recommendation. This inn was called The Babbling Brook. A simple name, but my expectations were high as it was endorsed by Bacon himself.

I had to pull Daniela up after she nearly slid off of my back while I went down the streets as the map indicated. It was almost as lively as Replant. Very nice. Voices rang from the various shops and the sounds of steel being beaten echoed around us. There were many people passing by as well, from old merchant men to female Adventurers. There were old gentlemen and children from the slums. People of every type you could imagine.


“This is crazy…”


It wasn’t often that you could see so many people… This place seemed like it would be very loud regardless of it being night or day.


We reached the inn after crossing the main street and walking down several back streets. It was much quieter here and I saw that there were several inns in the area. Yes, it made sense to have them here where it was quiet. I was impressed at the amount of thought put into it.


“The Babbling Brook…eh? …Hmm?”


I stood in front of the inn. And then I realized that I could actually hear the babbling of a brook. But this was on the opposite side of that great river… I looked around and found a small pathway. I followed it out of curiosity and reached the back of the inn. There was a small river.


“So here is the source of the babbling.”


It was a small, yet clear and beautiful river. I squatted down to touch it and it was refreshingly cool.


“Hehe. You can drink it as well.”



Someone was suddenly behind me. I turned around to see a beautiful woman standing there.


“I received a message from Yacon saying that a dark-haired man would come with a woman on his back. You are Mister Asagi, are you not?”

“Yacon…? Oh, yes. Yes, I am Asagi. Here.”


I took out the letter of recommendation and handed it to the woman. She opened it with a smile and chuckled after reading it.


“Ah, please forgive me. Mister Yacon’s letter turned into a love letter part way through. It is very amusing.”

“Yacon…Yacon…ah, you mean Bacon!”


“Uh, nevermind.”


Damn it, this was all Daniela’s fault. Shit… That being said, damn that Bacon guy. He said he was going to introduce us, but he just took the opportunity to romance some woman… Unforgivable!


“So, what’s your reply? I can quickly go back and tell him that it was a ‘no’ from you.”

“Hehe. It is alright. I believe it is best to ignore such things.”


Well, she was shockingly sadistic. What a terrifying woman. Poor Bacon.


“Ah, allow me to introduce myself. I am the owner of the Babbling Brook. My name is Karamus. It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is mine. I am Asagi Kamiyashiro. And this is Daniela Villesilf. We will be glad to receive your hospitality.”


Karamus smiled after this.


“Well then, allow me to welcome you to the Babbling Brooke. I hope you enjoy your stay.”

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