Jack of all Trades – 171


“This one was made from the skin of moss lizards. They are aquatic lizards that appear upstream of the Frusulviar River that separates Usk and Nicora.”

“So, does that mean it has the water attribute?”

“Of course!”

“I am sorry to say it, but I use wind and earth. Do you have any others?”



The man put his prized gauntlets away and picked up a different pair.


“These are specialized for the wind attribute! They were made by the wings of the Blast Eagle. This means that while they are light, they have the guaranteed durability you would expect from a high ranking monster!”

“Hmm…may I try them on?”

“Yes, please do!”


Daniela accepted them and put them on.




She opened and closed her hands and tried unsheathing her sword and pulling out her bow. Every movement must be tested.


“It is too light.”

“You don’t like it…?”

“Do you not have something a little heavier?”

“I…there is the Sword Turtle gauntlet. It has good damage reflection, but it is quite heavy.”


There was a gauntlet sitting on the table that had a retractable blade attached to it. The blade shot out upon impact. It was honestly kind of cool.


“Much too dangerous… It is likely to injure me.”

“Yes… In fact, it is so difficult to handle that no one has agreed to buy it…”


But it really is good! He insisted in vain. Daniela merely shook her head. We ended up leaving the shop without buying anything.


“Hmm… Maybe you’re expecting too much?”

“Well, my originals were very good. Why should I not want something that is at least equal to them?”


I couldn’t disagree with that. But I didn’t feel like we were likely to find anything satisfactory, no matter how much we walked around. But then again, she couldn’t leave without armor. There had to be something…


Just then, Daniela stopped in front of a certain store.



“Let us look inside.”


She said, and then entered without waiting for a reply.


“Hey, uh…alright …The Solo Antique Armor Shop, huh?”


Antiques… It sounded like a bit of a gamble, but I guess that meant we just had to win?


I had once wasted quite a bit of money on such machines when I was still working the night shift. And I had a bad feeling about this. But Daniela had already gone in, and so I had to follow her.

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  1. Thank you for all the past chapter! I think I stack a lot of chapters. 😀
    And thank you for your hard work and for this chapter too! 🙂

  2. So 400 gold for clothes plus how much more for the armor in the imperial capital? While it was all Asagi’s earnings. Daniela, so lucky

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