Jack of all Trades – 194


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While not ideal, it did seem that I had succeeded in getting Lehaty sent to the island. …Probably. I would like to think so.


“Well, there is no point in worrying about it. We did what we could.”

“…Yeah. And we’ll see her again some time. Maybe we can visit the island.”



But first, it was off to the capital. I didn’t know what we would encounter next, but the two of us could make it together. I was sure of it.


It didn’t take long to reach the south gate from the abandoned village. It was just a straight path. But there would probably be more people passing through it in the time to come. The Loup-garou that had scared so many people was now gone. It had only been a girl who was tormented by her unfortunate nature. But only Daniela, I and Rachel knew of it.


I wanted to keep it that way. But how could I explain it? The south gate was already in sight. There was not much time left.





Daniela looked at me. And so I asked her the thing that had been on my mind.


“I was told while leaving the south gate. Many people left to catch a glimpse of the Loup-garou, or to kill it. And not one of them had returned.”

“Are you suggesting that Lehaty killed the Adventurers?”


That couldn’t be. Yes, she had the power to do it. But neither I nor Daniela felt that she was that kind of person.


“Then…is it someone else…?”


Before Daniela could answer this question, a voice interrupted us.




Daniela immediately unsheathed her sword. As my spear was in the bag, I took out the Glampanzer instead.


“He-he-hey, what’s going on!?”

“Is it not obvious!?”


Daniela said frantically as she spread the range of Presence Detection.


“Lehaty was not the Loup-garou… There was another one!”


She shouted, and at the same time, pushed me away. I could do nothing but roll away as I saw it.


There was a giant wolf standing between me and Daniela. It had platinum fur and three tails.



“Oh? You know of me? Human.”


Its eyes bore into me with hostility and murderous intent.


“That was a rude greeting for an old friend, don’t you think?”

“Old friend…? I do not know you.”


Then Beowulf slammed his claws into the earth and howled.


“I just came to eliminate the source of the stench. Now die, human!!”


Silver and green wind swam around Beowulf’s legs. It was all very familiar to me. I had seen it so many times, but it wasn’t unique to me. I had forgotten.




I knew it. I knew the speed. I should be able to dodge it.


“Oh? Dodging…then how about this!?”


The silver and green wind enveloped his three tails now as he swung them. Blades of wind were unleashed. I rarely used it, but I knew that move. And I knew its weakness.


I hit them from the side with my sword. This created additional wind and caused the blades to disperse. That was the weakness. I had once considered if I couldn’t incorporate the wind blades into my fighting style, and so I had run simulations. That’s how I found out about their weakness. It definitely made me use them less, which resulted in me using the kick more and more. There were times when I used them as a diversion, but overall, they were just not that reliable.


“Hmph. They were only wind blades. In that case…my claws and fangs…”



I called as Beowulf tried to continue the fight. But he didn’t seem to want to talk.


“Have you really forgotten about me? Don’t you remember us making peace back in Fhiraldo?”

“I don’t know what you are talking about. And I do not know you. Or Fhiraldo. What I do know, is that I do not like you at all!”


Beowulf sprung forward, clearly having no intention of talking. It was then that an arrow wrapped in wind shot out towards his foot. Beowulf dodged it with ease and jumped backward.


“Asagi. He will not listen to you.”

“But, Daniela…”

“Listen. Asagi.”


She had drawn her bow and was ready to shoot again.


“That is not the Beowulf you know. We met a very different silver wolf.”

“What…is-is that possible?”


The string was pulled tight.


“It is. And this is the true Loup-garou!”


And then she unleashed the arrow.

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  1. Glad it’s still green and silver! And he is an upgraded version of beuwolf now so better use that against this beuwolf?? 😊

  2. I mean shouldn’t he have realized this was a different Beowulf? I’m pretty sure the first one he met only had one tail instead of three.

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