Jack of all Trades – 218


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“I remember watching a cartoon a long time ago, where there was this guy who could freeze time…if only I could do that… If I could use dimension magic that affected time and space at the same… Wait, I don’t even…hmm?”


I was sitting by myself and thinking of other magic defense methods, when something entered the area. Four lifeforms were detected. And they were from the east side. Monsters…no. These were human.


“I suppose I should…”


I picked up my one-handed sword and the Glampanzer and moved in the direction of the intruders while also activating Presence Block. Of course, I first made sure that there were no others in the area as well. I couldn’t leave our campsite if there was a danger.


We were in a clearing surrounded in rocks and with a small river close by. It was the perfect spot to camp.

And now four humans were approaching us in the dead of night. It clearly meant that something was about to happen…


“At worst, someone’s going to die…”


I muttered with a sigh. If they were bandits who were after us, then this could end no other way. I sighed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day and pulled my hood down over my face.


“Hah… Damn it… The boss sure is rough with us.”

“Where there is fire there are people. And people mean food. And so here we are.”

“Still…we can eat while we’re there, and no one would be any wiser. I say it’s a good deal.”

“Well, maybe you’re right. Benefits, benefits…”

“And there may be a woman there as well.”

“Surely you would not get away with that?”

“As long as they don’t live to tell…”


I could hear them from the shadows. …So they were bandits.


“Well, the boss has been prickly of late. We shouldn’t do anything to test him.”

“He escaped from Nicora, didn’t he?”

“Aye. I heard it was a town of bandits. Some great bandit leader was ruling it.”

“And who wouldn’t be prickly after being driven out of such a haven?”

“Haha. You’ve got that right.”


Indeed. Their boss was a bandit from Nicora. In that case, should I kill all but one and then find out where their hideout is…so I could destroy them completely? No, it wasn’t my job. I would protect myself, but the rest was the military’s job. …Well, I could at least learn the location.


“We’re almost there. Don’t let your guard down.”


“…Eh? Are we missing…? Aghh!?”



I was going to pick them off one by one from the back, but they caught me by the second man. I wasn’t the best at sneaking.


“Damn it. You bastard!!”

“You’re dead!!”



As someone with a weak will, talking just made me less decisive, and so I ignored them and swung my sword. This was the Demon Armor Sword. It easily shattered their weapons. I love a strong blade.


“Ha, hah…! No…!”



Three down, one to go. I raised my sword. …Ahh…


“Crap, I almost killed you. Now, where is your boss hiding?”


“I need to know where your hideout is.”

“Ah…uh…halfway up the east…mountain.”

“I see.”



Yes, this was good. I swung down. Now it was over. We could tell the guards when we returned to the city…


“Hahhh… Still, what a bummer.”


Unnecessary killing was evil. But this was necessary. I told myself this, but the sighs kept coming. Things were just getting worse now that it was night. And so my feet felt heavier than ever as I trudged back to the tent.

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  1. Well at least he is better than the generic mc’s that wouldn’t kill anyone unless they had someone important killed infront of them.
    I do agree with him that unecessary killing is bad(sometimes)

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