Jack of all Trades – 231


So it was the bandana guy and the dual-wielder that conquered Group A. They had certainly dominated the match…so it was no surprise.

And that was it for today. It ended quite quickly… People were already starting to get up and leave. I had to return to the inn as well…I was worried about Daniela.


“Well, I gotta go too.”

“Oh… You’re leaving already?”

“Yeah. Daniela’s got a hangover.”

“I see… Oh, perhaps I should go and see her?”


She asked with a tilt of her head. Charming. And there was no way that I could deny her request. I’m sure that Mister Hipericam would let her in if I explained things. 


“All right, let’s go.”



We got up from our seats and headed for the entrance. There were still crowds of people, and we were crushed as the lines moved forward. It sounded like a festival outside. There were rows of street stalls and the smell of food and drink wafted in the air. There hadn’t been anything when I was on my way in…


“The Empire is famous for its ‘quick stalls’…”


“Quick stalls. It’s like they can smell a crowd of people, and they come here.”


So they came out of nowhere and set up their stalls. Phantom food stalls. Right. And they were famous here…Daniela would like that. Maybe I should buy something for her. Might as well treat Junior Lemon to something as well.


And so we bought some food and ate it while we walked back to the north district and the lodging facility.


Mister Hipericam acknowledged us lazily and gave his permission. And so we climbed the stairs and headed for room 315.


“A military facility…I’ve never been in one before.”

“Not even when you were a guard?”

“Yes. We are not the same thing, you know.”


While they still worked for the Empire, they were still separate when it came down to it. I didn’t know why, but that was the way things were…


We quickly arrived at the door. I put in the key and it unlocked with a loud click. When I opened the door, we were greeted by the white room that appeared to be the height of cleanliness.



“Thank you.”


We entered and I closed the door. Lemon walked in, her eyes scanned the room as it were all very interesting to her. As I followed after her, I heard the sound of running water.




It was coming from the bathing room. Daniela. There was no one else it could be. I checked the bedroom and it was unsurprisingly empty. So she must have finally gotten up and taken a bath…


“Asagi. Daniela doesn’t seem to be here.”

“Yeah. I think she’s taking a bath now. I heard the sound of water.”

“I see.”

“We don’t have anything to serve you, but you can sit here. I’m sure she’ll be out soon.”



She did an exaggerated salute. I chuckled and took off my bag.

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