Jack of all Trades – 232




She was taken aback by the dark mood that had fallen over us. It was a half-minute later that we stood up.


“All right, let’s go.”

“Huh? Go where…?”

“Why, to dinner of course. What time do you think it is?”


I took Lemon’s right arm and Daniela took her left. As she was quite short, her feet barely touched the floor as we swept her away. It was the best time to eat good food and drink. Daniela and I were both in agreement about this.


We left the room and told Mister Hipericam that we’d be going out again, and then headed for the north district. There were lots of Adventurers there, which meant lots of places to eat. And this was the most lively of hours in the Empire.

So it was in this comfortably noisy atmosphere, that Daniela and I searched for a place to eat. As Lemon did not know the area very well, she quietly left the search to us.



“I’m not sure. Lemon, what do you want to eat?”

“Oh, I…”


Lemon became strangely reserved the moment that Daniela said she’d be paying, and she just waved her hands awkwardly.


“Well, when in doubt. Meat.”

“But you’re never in doubt.”

“That is true…”

“All right. We’ll do meat today.”


It made things easy. We decided to cook our meat on a grill. But first, we had to find a place where we could do it. There didn’t seem to be any barbecue places nearby. The air was filled with smells that were not grilled meat. Speaking of which, they didn’t have the sauce I used back home in this world… I should have memorized some recipes.


We ended up walking for several more minutes after that before finally finding a place. It had a sign in the front that read, ‘Meat, Meat, Meat, Meat.’ We get the point. I looked in the window underneath, and a most dream-like sight greeted us. There was no doubt about it. It was what we were looking for.




A voice called out as we entered.


“Uh, excuse me. Do you have seats for three?”

“Yes, exactly three! Come in!”


A waitress who was nearly as cheerful as Lemon guided us through the building and to our seats. The place was packed and it seemed like a miracle that we had gotten in. It must have been quite popular.


“Can I take your order?”

“Meat. Lots of meat.”



She was already holding her fork and knife as she barked at the waitress. I sighed. It was quite childish…



“No, no! I will bring you some extra thick slices!”


I apologized as the waitress looked momentarily put-off. Then we made our orders.


The meat was brought soon after that, and we threw them onto the sizzling grill.

Not only Daniela, but Lemon also ate with the most satisfied expression. I mostly just cooked the meat and put it on their plates while watching their reactions. I didn’t eat much myself, but somehow came out feeling just as satisfied. I think.


By the time I felt full, both Daniela and Lemon sat in their seats and looked like they were going to burst open.


“Asagi, you cooked way too much…”

“And you cooked them so perfectly…”

“Don’t blame this on me. And you better not throw up…”


It would be a waste. And so we walked very slowly, so as not stimulate them too much. Damn it. Was it an elf thing?


Well, the walk would do them some good. I thought with a chuckle as I looked over my shoulder to see them slowly following me. Daniela seemed happy to be able to talk and laugh with a fellow elf. That made me glad that I had met Lemon again.


Hmm? Pink elf? I don’t know anyone like that.

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