Jack of all Trades – 248





I raised the speed of Legs of the God Wolf and used Jack of all Trades, Master of none to make some calculations in my brain. The reach of my sword was two meters in all directions. A slash while I lept into the air, a step in the air with platinum and green wind, and then an overhead slash. Going even faster, I move under the opponent. Behind. Above, from the front, and then down again. The sword swings.


It was a unique sword art created during my trials with Rachel. I called it the ‘Kamiyashiro Space Maneuver Sword Art.’ It ignored the laws of gravity and showed the true worth of Legs of the God Wolf. It also used Eyes of the God Wolf to search for opening from every angle. You ruled space itself and made it a place for your blade to run through.


However, there was a weakness as well. It pushed all of your organs into overdrive. In five minutes, your nose would start bleeding and you would vomit all over the place.



“I won’t hold back!!”


I spoke louder than I had intended. But surprisingly, Kapricorn was able to deal with my attacks. But that was only for the first dozen or so seconds. Gradually, small wounds started to appear. I still had time. I continued the attack.


Ultimately, this was the only thing I had. I didn’t have any cheats or abilities involving light and shadows. I had a unique skill, ‘Jack of all Trades, Master of None’ and Legs of the God Wolf and Eyes of the God Wolf. It took a lot of work to finally approach their level. These were people that could count on their one cheat skill to trample a thousand men. People like me had to push ourselves to the brink and look death in the face in order to face them. Had I not met Beowulf and Rachel, I would have had to survive with Jack of all Trades, Master of None alone. And it was just something that allowed you to easily grasp skills and knowledge at a moderate level.


I had no idea how she had lived up until now. Coming from a modern world and being given a cheat skill. However, I knew that I had to fight to survive. So much would feel meaningless if I was defeated here. Besides, perhaps my jealousy was making me feel all the more determined to beat her.




Kapricorn’s dark blades shattered and turned into shadows. Now that I looked, I could see that she only had two remaining. She was getting tired and was no longer able to react to every attack. The fight would end soon. Besides, I was reaching my own limit.


“This is it!!”



I lept back and gathered the wind towards me. It increased in speed with a painful, high-pitched ringing sound. 


“Swiftest Wind Flash!!”


It was an attack that could kill a dragon. Of course, it worked best with a great sword, but a one-handed sword should be enough against a human. My fastest, most powerful attack shattered her crossed blades and went straight for her throat.




Even with her blades gone, she desperately tried to twist her body out of the way. However, she was not quick enough. The tip of the Glampanzer cut her throat open.


“…So, I am defeated…”


I lowered my sword and turned to look, just as her decoy bracelet shattered. The device took the damage for her. Had this been two attacks in rapid succession, she might have been dead for good.


“The fight ends!! Asagi is victorious!!”


The referee shouted. Ahh… It felt like it had gone on forever. I knew that I wouldn’t be killed, but I fought as if I would be. Now, since I had won…surely her identity would be…hmm?




Her hood had fallen off and the cloth around her mouth unraveled. The bracelet took the bodily damage for her, but not the damage to her clothing. As the cloth fell, so did long, black hair that reached her waist. A clear, cool expression greeted me. And there was something in the eyes. A look of triumph and mischief.


“Ah… I knew it.”


Kapricorn Shteiner was the manager at the store I used to work at.

Kizugawa Rindo.


“What the hell are you doing…”

“I took a walk one day and ended up here.”


As if!!

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    • I wana say she died in depression after finding out Asagi died.
      I can see anything from suicide to absentmindedly walking
      In front of truck-san

  1. Thanks for the chapter, so it has finally appeared Master Daniela true rival!!!!!!!!!!!! Now make this even more interesting author!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Well actually no, Daniela has plenty of them simply Asagi doesn’t answer those advances and Daniela does the same even more harshly…..for now she might meet her ex and be more timid around him and etc…i don’t wan’t that cliche simply because i thought it out quite fastly

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